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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

E Is For Endowment

Parents of girls in Asia know that they must have some type of endowments for their female offspring. This could be one of the reasons why genders played such an important role in our society. The male family though  in our country must cover the cost of the entire wedding affair, not the female. So the endowment had to be for other reasons such as emergency or if something happened to the husbands.

The ancient thinking that female was useless passing down from generation to generation, and of course, it didn't escape my parents either. Since I was a handicapped, my parents prepared a different endowment for my future. There was no such thing as might be someone would marry me, but more like I would be taken care of by the wealth that my parents left to me should they happened to go before me.

My parents invested in real estates in two different local areas carrying the thought of me in mind. The houses that they bought or financed were meant to be for me later, and those houses would secure a place for me to live in, not on the street.

One of the houses located in a small town, right next to the Police station, and the front of it was rented out as an entertainment place for ping pong players. I remembered visiting this building, and I liked it very much. My parents told me that I could keep the business going as a way to cover my living expenses, and I wouldn't have to worry about security at all since the Police was right next door.

I never thought too much on this arrangement because it was depressing, and I was way too young to care or fully understood what the future would hold for me. My endowment was meant to keep me alive in case my parents passed on, but the deep dark wishes were for me to attract a foolish man with my wealth.

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  1. Mumsy, your true endowment did not come from your parents--it came from your own spirit and your intelligence, which far outweighs any financial gain any man could receive. We love you.

  2. I'd like to think we've all moved on from this kind of mean traditional thinking, but I'd be wrong. There are still plenty of places on earth where daughters are valued much less than sons. And it hurts us all. Glad you were able to move on, Mumsy. That's a pretty flower, too.

  3. This was quite a well written post! A appreciate you sharing with us Thanks and have a terrific week.

  4. I have never heard of this! A ping pong palace sounds like fun.

  5. Whatever your parents did or didn't leave you, one of your true endowments is a gifted eye! Love your photos!

  6. I agree with the comment above -our true endowment is within us, not our material possessions/wealth.

  7. Your endowment comes from within Mumsy - you are brave, smart, sensitive, and a keen observer of human nature.

  8. I didn't know that. That is an interesting piece of your journey. Love to hear more.

  9. The idea of an endowment is kinda of offensive to me, being an American since birth. But I think what your parents did for you was kinda cool! They wanted to be sure you'd be well-taken care of.

  10. What happened to the ping pong palace? Your parents meant well, but they underestimated your resourcefulness, talent, and strength.

  11. You really touched my heart with this post, thanks for linking!!

    You are an extraordinary woman...

    Excellent job!!!!!



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