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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Consequence of a Protected Bubble

The pull and tug go on between Mother Fairy and her three children. She is used to be the number one, and got whatever, whenever she wanted since the fairies' father passed away. Everyone shielded her from the reality of life, and spared her heartache from all corners.

She knew nothing about paying bills, or anything about owning a home. Mother Fairy lives most of her life in a gigantic protected bubble. Having eleven children gave her that luxury, and if she was mad at one person, there were still ten others left to scoop her away as her first whine.

Unlike normal people, the more she was pampered, loved, taken care of; the worst her behavior became! It all got to the point of never enough to make her happy anymore. Never in a million year could the fairies thought love turned out to be so bad. The mother was now reversed back into a spoiled rotten "terrible two!"

No one could pinpoint to where things went wrong and so far off as it has become, but they all felt a slight suffocating whenever Mother Fairy was around. Her dependency and demand on everyone to make her happy took a deep backward step in the heart of the fairies.

Mother Fairy couldn't be happy! Nothing could make her happy! No one could make her happy! She tended to bring on negativity and chaos in order to be happy. The need for attention and to be in the center of attention ran everyone on an empty throttle. Strange but true that Mother Fairy could not grasp the concept of "happiness comes from within", and not throwing tantrum to seek temporary worship or a short flicker of attention!

Happiness has to be learned, and to be happy, one must learn to be happy on his or her own will...

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  1. Wonderful post, Mumsy. True happiness and peace comes from within.

  2. I second that, it must comes from within. This post hits home to me. I recognized someone who is exactly like Mother Fairy.

  3. So sad, fairy mother perhaps found her happiness in fairy father? Now she is unhappy and wants everyone else to be too?

  4. You always share wonderfully written posts!


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