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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pink Mum Buds Still Growing

Gorgeous Pink Mum Buds

If you ever want to know what flowers to plant and have flowers from late summer to late autumn, make a trip to the cemetery. Seriously, you will see the flowers that were still blooming, or still coming out in the open space of the cemetery.

Mum Buds Are Still Coming

I saw this beautiful pink mum buds at the cemetery, growing strong, and shining in the sun light. Nothing were damaged on both the leaves and budding, even after days of freezing cold rain. They were growing, and they would bloom until the first frost.

Pink Mums
Growing right next to these beautiful pink mum buds were the fancy white Shasta daisy! I didn't have time to explore the cemetery since I came with my mom. She told me to take the pictures, and I did. Not much of my soul was in these photos as you can see. I need to be by myself when I take pictures.

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  1. thanks for this lovely weekend flowers! :)

  2. Lovely mums!!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures!!

  3. they still came out very pretty, most especially the second one. I am like you too, I find it hard to take pictures when I am with somebody, unless the person I am with also loves to take picture.

  4. Hi, Seems like you have had a warm Nov. too. We in Maine have had a run of great weather, it is
    setting records..


  5. It's wonderful to see those hardy mums with their buds and blooms.

    Also Mumsy - I know what you mean about taking photographs by yourself.

  6. You are so sweet. You didn't want to leave Mom waiting, but she was also considerate in telling you to take the pics. My Mom loves to look at my pics too.


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