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Monday, November 7, 2011

Medicaid Equals Nightmare When You Need Services

Sifting through a list of phone numbers from the computer screen, I made calls after calls trying in vain to find a dentist to take my mother to. She needed teeth extraction, and she needed denture. At 85, I think she rather did well going through so much pain and ache.

The first young, incompetent dentist that accepted Medicaid, made a horrendous mess in extracting two teeth. He referred us to the Dental School afterward; partially he didn't want to spend so much time on an old lady, and definitely has no ability to deal with complicated issues.

Reluctantly, I asked my brother to take me and our mom to the Dental School for fear that I couldn't physically help her after the surgery. It turned out the Dental School sent us away for various reasons:
  1. They only accept the first 7-8 people
  2. They work only on Monday and Friday for new patients
  3. Be there by 7:30 AM, or be screwed (It took us an hour to drive there!)
My emotional was all messed up, and I didn't know if I should be mad, or whom should I be mad at. When you are on Medicaid, you are at the mercy of others. No one care whether you are in pain or have no teeth to eat. You play by their rules! With Medicaid, the government paid for the expenses, but that could not be compared to private insurance.

So I sifted through the yellow pages online. At first I was all chirpy asking if they accept Medicaid, and then after the first 10 calls failed, I just went straight to the heart of the matter:  "do you accept Medicaid? No, bye!" This horrific nightmare with dentists has been with me for a month now, and nothing is done for my mom. She has very few teeth left, 7-I think, and uses her gum to eat. Not too many places accept Medicaid, then again, does any one care?

Life sucks! Growing old sucks!

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  1. Let me add teeth SUCK. Why don't you call medicaid directly, there must be a dental clinic somewhere. Sorry Mumsy.

  2. Old age does not suck, it is the medical profession that does. They definitely do not want seniors anymore. If you have a doctor that takes Medicare, you better stick with him. They do not want new patients. I know as I am one of them. In time, if you do not have the money, no one is going to see us.

  3. I really didn't know that places could pick and choose whether they accept Medicaid or not. I don't like this!

  4. That is so sad. I asked my husband what he did, and come to think about it, I have him insured for dental. I took my son to the U of M. It's not medicaid but it is greatly reduced and they allowed me to pay slowly.

  5. I am sorry for your mother that she has so very teeth left.

    Mumsy, I don't know about Medicaid, but I know Medicare doesn't cover dental work.

    We do not do right by our elderly in this country in terms of providing adequate, affordable health care!

  6. Professions are exactly the way you described it and more. The young ones will accept Medicaid / Medicare just in the beginning to build their business. Once they established some sort of regular clients, they will ditch the medicaid or medicare.
    Been through it. It's really tough, hang in there...shrug it off and keep going.

  7. How frustrating! I hope you find help for your mom soon!


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