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Monday, November 28, 2011

July's Wind

July marked the beginning of changes. The wind stirred from Southern California and found its way to the North. Though the changes have been expected for quite a while, its sudden arrival still brought uncertainty and discomfort.

The flock of fairies have been talking, planning, advising, preparing, and getting everything ready to submerge with the changes.

But July's wind was a strong force of nature that no one could have been prepared enough for. Lives turned up-side-down. Love dried up. Endurance became the most precious resource to drill on. And silent, silent was golden, as a rule.

Mother Fairy has arrived to claim her power!

She had no care on what life she crushed, or toes she stepped on, or the damages afterward. Mother Fairy reigned in all her glory. She knew for sure that her flock of fairies would not dare to challenge her authority. It was the way it had been for a very long time. It was the natural law in which she entitled.

The attention, affection, and conversation had to be all about her. Anything else or any one else would cause  a riot. July's wind arrived, bringing with it the emotional turmoil and doomed spirit forever. She ruled!

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  1. Beautifully written Mumsy, you always take me in! Have a wonderful week.

  2. oh, despite Mother Fairy ruled and claimed the world, I find this so beautifully written with so much humor, I guess, because, somehow, mom rules :)

  3. I have found a good system for myself. Did you see? I will now describe and live in a fantasy world about my mama. :-) hehe


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