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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Z Is For Zigzag

We zigzagged through the first few years of life in the US, living day by day! My dad and brother went to work in a car part factory. It was very tough for my father to watch his oldest boy doing hard labor, who had never work a day in his life since he joined the seminary in early childhood. My mom got a part-time babysitting job at a Lutheran church, and the rest of us went to school.

As we began our new life aimlessly, we got news from my two other brothers in Vietnam. They made the journey back to our old home, and found each other there, only that the government had taken possession of our house. They were forced to take refuge with friends' family.

They needed financial help and life necessary supplies such as clothing, personal hygiene items, medications, and obviously food. The rush to rescue them or to ease their burden was always a "red alert"! Mother boxed up the supplies with hidden money inside the box panels, and used clever slang words of "uncle Do", "Aunt Lar" for hints.

Surprisingly, this zigzag puzzle on both sides of the earth understood one another, and the concentration on helping my brothers in Vietnam was the focal point in our life here in US. I became aware that nothing was more important than money in sustaining life, and mother meticulously split the box panels just enough to hide rolled up dollar inside, before carefully glued them back together without a trace.

My brothers' life in Vietnam crisscrossed with our life in the US, and both were uncertain, insecure, and confusing. I thought that we would soon go back to our country, and my brothers had hopes to come over. I had no idea that there was no way back, and this was our permanent home.

Going through major life changes was not an easy deal, but human spirit, surviving instinct, and natural reaction kept us moving on. We also had wonderful sponsorship from our church, which had helped us tremendously to get over the many first hurdles.

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  1. What an interesting story you have. I'm glad the church was such a help to you throughout.

  2. I'm so glad your mother found a way to send money to your brothers. Very clever!

  3. having to go through such changes, I can just imagine the challenges and the pain, I am glad for you and your family to have the strength, and to have the support form church too.

  4. Your story is one of fortitude and tremendous courage. May God bless all of you and thank you for sharing with us today.

  5. I am glad the church was so supportive and you were all so ingenious.

  6. Mumsy, I always look forward to reading your story every week. You are an amazing woman!!

  7. Having a good church is a blessing that you will treasure sometimes even more so than others...but if you found one, don't let it go! Take good care!

  8. Your mum was very smart to get the money through undiscovered!

    I'm glad you had support from your church.

  9. I am so glad the church was all that it can be. I love getting to hear about ways they serve others. They are such a wonderful example.

  10. Thanks for the new installment. I'm waiting for the rest of your story!!

  11. What a smart way to send that money!


  12. Thanks for sharing so much of your story with us. You and your family had such a rough life that it makes me feel spoiled living so carefree. It's really a humbling experience to read about your childhood. I'm glad that your mom was able to get money overseas to your two brothers and that they found each other again. I can't even imagine what must have been going through their minds when they were so far apart from the rest of the family. It must have been terrifying for them too.

    I know that this is the last post for this story because Alphabe-Thursday has ended but I hope you post an epilogue about what happens after all these struggles. I just wanted to see if your family reunites and how things began to improve for you.

  13. I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your new header!!

  14. Hello.
    I've been fortunate to read a few of your stories & I can tell you, they brought tears to my eyes.

    You & your family have shown great strength, courage & a determination that should be commended.

    Awesome photos too!

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh, I love the new blog header!

    It is just lovely. I hope that is a view you get to see often!

    Thanks for another compelling part of your story.

    I'm sad to see this round of A-T end. I always enjoy coming to see what you have to share...and even though it hurts my heart for you, I'm honored that you are willing to let us into your life with these touching stories.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this meme.

    I really hope to Z you again soon!

    Hugs and A+


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