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Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Wrong With Alexa Ranking?

Has anyone noticed Alexa ranking for blogs lately? The numbers showed on my blog steadily dropping in the thousands a day! What the heck was that? I've been active, posting, submitting my post to search engines, and generating traffic to my blog regularly, but still it went in the million ranking now, whereas last month it stood at 543,750.

I don't understand, and don't know what to do about this! On occasion, I accept assignments to write review for paid posts, and they determine the value of my blog on this stupid Alexa ranking system. Since the numbers of my Alexa ranking drops, my blog shows a "dim light" in the advertisers' account, which means no assignments.

For goodness' sake, I hate this cat and mouse chasing game! It is a deceiving system and useless ranking. People formed groups to take turn to write an Alexa review for each other's blog. Nothing is pure or genuine about it!

As the moment, I'm frustrated with this dilemma. I can't babysit my blog 24 hours a day, and not getting any compensation for it. For those that use Alexa ranking to determine the blog value, it is not what it cracks out to be!

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  1. I think the lower the number the better.

  2. i am not familiar with Alexa ranking, and like you, i could not babysit my blog everyday, I do not even know how to submit my blogs to sear engines :( for search engine optimization :(

  3. Don't despair, it will go back up with a little effort. As long as your pr is means more.

  4. I have no idea what my Alexa ranking is Mumsy!! I'm going to check this out now that you mention it.


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