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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top Four Picked Web Browsers

I have a hard time this past week with my web browsers, which are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Usually if one browser doesn't work out smoothly, then I use another. I'm more comfortable with Firefox since I know how to organize it to my liking.

With the trouble I had this week, I couldn't open Google Chrome to do a new post. The circle loading "thingy", kept on circling for hours on end. Frustrated, I searched for another web browser to work with. After reading articles and user comments, below are the top four web browsers.

1) Mozilla Firefox is still the number one choice for its user friendly
2) Google Chrome is preferred for tech savvy minded, who make use of its extensions
3) Opera browser for its loading speed, with an option to go turbo for slow internet connection
4) Safari browser for its stability in handling many opened windows without crashing so often

I downloaded Opera and Safari for my PC to try out. It took very little time to get used to the new interface, and learned how to navigate around these browsers. My favorite so far is Opera, because not only it loads up fast, it comes with a Google search area in the address bar, which something I really missed in Firefox after the updated version took that away.

It wasn't my week, and nothing seems to work out including my little camera. My browser problem is solved, so I think it is time to check in at complaints, and look for a new point and shoot camera.

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  1. I've been having trouble with Chrome also. It's been very frustrating. I used to use IE but I prefer Chrome. I haven't tried anything else but I'm thinking I should!

  2. ...well I am using IE and I have no idea what I could attribute it's responsible for. Like you I've sometimes had that spinning wheel thingy happening a lot lately.

    I do like Google search...

    I do have Mozilla Firefox installed on my computer; have no idea how to use it in lieu of I.E. though.

    Suspect I need to uninstall IE first? Would this cause any issues doing that. Just unistall one, and then open up the other...?

    The 'tech' side of computers is a bit beyond my scope.

  3. Firefox is my favorite but it's terrible with memory leaks, so I've been getting really annoyed lately. I'm gonna check that Opera out based on your recommendation!

  4. I used to use Opera long ago and really liked it. I should look it up again.


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