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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red and Yellow Marigold

Marigold Just Open

Marigold is one flower that I don't like the smell, and don't care to have. However, it chose my garden, seeded itself, and grew beautifully. It didn't matter where I transplanted, marigold kept producing flowers.

Deep Red and Yellow Colors

I have heard that marigold will deter many critters away, and to plant them around vegetables garden for protection. Well, it didn't work. I had this huge marigold growing right next to my tomato and sweet pepper plants, but the squirrels still managed eating them all.

Marigold Staying Strong

Despite the cold, rain, and windy weather, marigold flowers are resilient plants. They grew and flowered way into late November. I must admit that marigold gave such a warm welcoming feeling to see when all the surrounding went into hibernation.

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  1. Yes, I also heard they keep the insects away but I haven't tried it yet.

  2. They make nose itch and they do not keep the bugs out of our garden. I must say that this one is really a pretty variety. Do not have any of them left here in out Mts of VA. Your capture is so nice. Genie

  3. We have some marigolds still, and they seem to be the only flowers we have left! Love the coloring of these!!

  4. Beautiful Macro..I like Marigolds...

  5. I do not like the smell of this flower either. But it is beautiful to watch and it keeps the pests away from other flowers.

  6. They are beautiful! Now that it is raining heavily with thunder and lightning, reds and yellow are much welcomed.

  7. captured perfectly, visiting for MYM, hope you could visit mine at, see yeah

  8. They are very pretty and I agree with you about the odor. They remind me of a dirty basement. lol Scatter some moth balls to get rid of your squirrels.

  9. I planted marigold this year and the way it blooms and make my flower garden beautiful I vow to plant more next year. ^_^

  10. It's not a flower I choose to have but it is a very hardy one for lots of different conditions. Your macro shot makes it look very beautiful and appealing!

  11. Marigolds are so pretty (yeah they don't smell that great) but they have such wonderful colors. I grow several varieties in my flower beds. Great shots of these flowers.

  12. Your marigolds are lovely and the colors are beautiful. Happy MYM!

  13. The definitely are not for smelling, but very pretty and great to see.

  14. My marigold doesn't last that long, it dies so fast.

  15. Those are wonderful colors! How nice that they just grew in your garden even if they didn't keep the squirrels away.

  16. My mom's marigolds are still blooming Mumsy! I love the colors in these photos.

  17. Beautiful photos!
    Kind regards,

    Beertje Zonn


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