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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pale Pink Aster Flower

Baby Aster Growing

This flower bloomed to my surprise since I planted them from seeds. They sat in a huge pot on my front porch, and despite many tries, nothing seemed to flourished until this beautiful flower came into sight. I've just located the envelop that the seeds came in, and this is called Aster Crego Mixed Colors.

Pink Petals Emerged

The leaves looked a bit like chrysanthemum leaves, but there were plenty of little soft spikes on them. The flower was quite pretty as it grew. It went from a total white bud and transitioned slowly into pink color.

Macro of Pink Aster Flower

I enjoyed watching this pretty pink aster flower grew. The plant was not all that tall but gave many flowers continuously. I picked up a few of different seeds at the Dollar Store when it was 10 cents a piece.

A short gardening tip: plant the seeds in a sunny location at 1/4 inch deep, 12 inches apart, and growing up to 18-24 inches in height. For early blossoms, start seeds indoor 6 weeks before planting them outside when the danger of frost past.

This aster crego flower blooms late in the summer until frost. However, you can prolong the different blooming periods by planting them two weeks apart.

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  1. Your flowers must have loved your tender care. They are very pretty.

  2. These are really pretty! I think flowers grown from seed are so miraculous! Hope you have a wonderful pink weekend!!

  3. thanks for this lovely weekend flowers :)

  4. oh so pretty and dainty, flowers are indeed one of the joyful smiles from above.

  5. Gorgeous flower!!

    barbara jean

  6. It is such a pretty flower and I'm so happy it bloomed for you Mumsy!!

  7. So pretty! I love the gentle shade of pink.

  8. Lovely series of shots!
    I like the soft pink it started out with. Nice detail on the center.

  9. Lovely flowers and love that close up of the center - awesome job!

  10. Such a dainty and soft color palette in this flower. I love the macro shot of it!

  11. What lovely macro shots!

  12. Astors, so delicate looking.
    We have the pink, purple and white every where along side the roads in Maine, this time of year. I pick arm loads.. Enjoy this fall weather.. yvonne

  13. Gorgeous series! Love seeing it open up :)

  14. How clever of you, and how pretty! Our beautiful leaves are falling quickly with all the wind and rain. Soon winter is upon us, so enjoy the pretty glimpses of flowers while you can. :-)

  15. What a beautiful flower! I can't make anything grow!


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