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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

W Is For Winter

Father Paul brought a big bag of winter gears for our family since this was our first experience with cold weather. We got to pick out hats, mittens/gloves, coats and boots. Each of us got to keep whatever we wanted or whatever that fitted us. When the first snow came, we went outside to feel the snow in our hands, and to have fun watching it fell out of the sky.

The raw feelings of how cold winter could really be with all our gear on sent us back into the house quickly after a short while. We had to slowly getting used to the temperature. Being a teenager at a difficult stage of learning and discovering oneself, I preferred to watch my little sisters building a snowman through the window.

The first winter was horrible for me, as I had a hard time walking on the snow, and kept my feet from skidding in different directions. I ended up on my buttock more often than I wanted to remember, especially at my high school. I had no control over my right leg without the assistance of my hand to guide it. My brain couldn't tell it what to do, and I had to embrace this bitterness of a cripple in its true sense!

I would plummet to the floor at a slightest push or shove right at the high school entrance door every day. I watched other kids walking on snow and ice with envy. They all seemed to enjoy sliding, slipping, and drifting on the wet surface that scared the heck out of me with ease.

Not knowing where to get help or who to turn to for help, I opted for the only alternative that worked out best for me: waited until everyone cleared out! This resulted in terrible tardiness on my record, and I was sent to see a school counselor, Mr. Richard Burrell! I described my situation to him in tears of humiliation.

Again, I experienced the helping hand of guardian angel! Mr. Burrell got permission to let me into the school five minutes earlier than other students, and left minutes ahead of them. He greeted me at the door when I arrived and allowed me to get to my class before the bell rang. I also got to leave each class early to make it to another before the hallway jammed up.

Slowly, I learned to steady my walk on snow and wet floor without falling down that often..

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  1. I love your weekly stories. Great Winter word

  2. A dear story - I used to enjoy winter but as the years have gone by it is not a season I look forward to...our winters are much too long here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

  3. I am so glad he gave you permission to come in early.

  4. So glad he found a way to make that easier for you!

  5. It always brings a smile to my face to read about all the guardian angels you've encountered in your life. It's really good to see that you always had someone to watch your back as you went through such terrible times growing up.

    I've never lived in true winter weather places so I've never had to deal with snow. The few times we went somewhere with snow, I slipped and fell a lot too so I can only imagine how much harder it was for you...

  6. It is good to know that there are people like Mr. Burrell in our world!



  7. Mr Burrell was a kind soul! I was raised in winter and still don't like it. So now I live closer to your homeland than you! :-D

  8. I'm so glad someone was willing to give you the extra help you needed to arrive at classes on time. Mr. Burrell sure was wonderful!

  9. Thank God for Mr. Burrell. I cannot image how difficult it must have been for you to walk on ice and freezing snow.

  10. Too bad there are not more Mr. Burrells in the world! You were blessed to have found him.

  11. I think I love Mr. Burrell. Bless him for his kind heart.

    And for helping you out!

    I bet that first winter was a fright for you all!

    Warm hugs and an A+ for you this week!

  12. I feel like you've taken us on this journey / your life through your words. I am able to see a fraction of what it is like, thanks for the eye opening experience.

  13. God bless Mr. Burrell and I hope there are more like him. It had to be terrible for you and I am glad he was understanding and that you had the courage to tell him, otherwise it could have turned out so different.


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