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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Q Is For Quenching

With Chi's departing, I spent the last two days at the barrack quiet and alone. I packed all my belongings which included three pairs of clothing, addresses of friends, and my diary ready to go at moment noticed. Although I longed for company of friends, I didn't go out of my room except for meal times. People I had know before no longer at Indian Town Gap.

California seemed to be the State for settlement of many! In our young mind, we had no concept of how big America really was, and always thought that we were within driving distance of each other. On the way to the airport I realized just how big one city was to the next.

The bus dropped me off at the airport entrance, and Marty was there waiting with paperwork and ticket for me on his hands. We walked to where I supposed to be, and there we sat. Marty gave me his home address and asked me to write to him. He also talked to the flight attendance in regard of my connection flight, and told me everything was set. Someone would look after me and guild me to the right gate at the next stop.

Marty was nice, and considerate. His sweet personality touched me deeply, and I vowed I would remember him always. Although my life had been rough for the most part, I seemed to meet kind people along the way, and it was comforting to realize that much.

As I was on my way home to be with family I quenched for Chi's friendship. It was hard to think that we didn't see each other for almost a week, and that the next time if we ever saw each other again, we would be adults. Many of the friends I made during the journey to the United States, were now lost forever!

I couldn't understand my feelings at the time, but a sense of lost, loneliness, and emptiness came over as I finally realized that I was going to a definite settlement area. No longer would I be bounced around, met new people, or be unstable. It felt as if the doors were closing in...

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  1. I love your alphabet series. They are written with such feelings.

  2. Still just as interesting as ever..

  3. There is a certain sadness in your writing, that feeling of longing. I hope you find peace.

  4. I'm so hoping you can find some peace and contentment...

  5. You have surely been through a lot.


  6. I am looking forward to the next in the series as your story has the power to draw emotions to the character. I am glad that despite life had been tough yet you met some kind people around.

  7. Oh Mumsy, you've had so much heartache in your life. ♥

  8. Mumsy that is so sweet. You write so well, and could and should write a book about your life.

  9. There is yet some hope when you met these nice people. That is really wonderful to know.

  10. Through all your loss and pain I can still see the sense of hope in your writing.

    I know this is long ago...but I can't even imagine how hard it is to take out these memories and look at them.

    Bless you, sweet friend.

    Thank you for sharing.


  11. I'm glad that you are sharing your story about your past. It's really amazing reading about the things you've been through. You are really amazing and I'm glad that you met so many good and caring people on your journey :)


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