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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orange African Daisy

I hate squirrels! Can I say that? It's a bit strong, and I know many people love them, but they are little devils around here. They have eaten my flowers, my tomatoes, making nest in the chimney, and digging holes every where in my yard.  They are very destructive creatures in my neck of the woods.

My orange African daisy flower only gets to live life one day, and then was spread apart the next morning by the squirrels. I bought moth balls and placed them around the house, but nothing could stop these menace creatures. They didn't eat the flowers, but just cut them off the stem! Why is that?

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  1. Good Morning Mumsy Sweetie...
    Thanks for sharing this morning.
    I have to tell you my Daddy would be the first one to tell you he hates squirrels as well. They have a pecan orchard on their property and those darn squirrels can strip a tree in nothing flat. They just keep coming by the hundreds there in Oklahoma. Daddy says he this is the worst they have ever been, and they are even stripping the green ones off of the trees. It's horrible. He's afraid it is a sign of a bad winter for them. They are storing early for some reason.

    Sweetie your flower is beautiful. I am so happy you at least got a gorgeous photo to share before it was destroyed.

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  2. That is so vibrant and gorgeous!

    Squirrels are cute, but they're varmints and varmints are always trouble!

  3. oh I am so sorry to hear about that Mumsie, I love squirrels in the wild, but like you, not in our yard, they devastated my vegetable garden and I caught them on act :( they do not eat them like what you said, but they love to uproot them, and tear them to pieces. :(

  4. DadBlasted Squirrels! That was one pretty flower too!

  5. I'm glad you at least got some lovely pictures! I'm sick of almost all creatures this year from cats to chipmonks! Jean

  6. Too beautiful for words. Flowers are the most giving in with their beauty.

  7. Lovely flower... so sorry the squirrels didn't respect it's beauty. Bah!

    Thannks so much for sharing at YSB this week, Mumsy. I appreciate your participation! :)


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