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Thursday, July 28, 2011

O Is For Outcasts

I never mention the nightmare I had with Guy to anyone, except later to Chi' of course when we met again at Indian Town Gap. He was my best friend at that time! I stayed at the hospital for another week after the incident, and took refuge in my room for the major part of the day. I avoided going to the cafeteria or any communal areas for fear of running into Guy. Not only it was frightening to remember the possibility of danger, but it was also awkward if I saw him.

My family had left for settlement in Michigan, and was sponsored by a Catholic Church. The hospital sent me back to Indian Town Gap a week after. My case was closed, and I was happy to get out of there. I had no bitterness for all the torture that I had endured at the hospital. It happened as it had decided!

When the bus came to a stop at the barrack, Chi' was there to greet me! We were two teenagers without family at the camp, so naturally we hung on to each other for support and comfort. We dined together, and we went everywhere together. At night, he bunked with his friend's family, and I took residence with another.

We were the outcasts of the barrack and pretty much were orphaned in a sense! No one told us what to do! We waited for our paperwork to get done so we could go to our family, and knew for sure that we would never have a chance to see each other again. Chi' became even more protective of me after he heard what happened with Guy.

He shadowed over me, and made sure that I would not make friends with people that he didn't know! My weakness was too trusting and honest, of which Chi' realized quite well. We didn't talk about our hospital stay or the loosing experience we had. For some reasons, that part of our life seemed to get blocked out mutually as if it had never happened!

There was not many places at Indian Town Gap that we could explore or escape. Many people knew that Chi' and I had no family at the camp, and we just got out of the hospital; they still treated us in ill manner for we were in opposite genders. We were not supposed to always hang out with each other, but since we were outcasts, it didn't matter to us of what they thought or said.

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  1. Another interesting piece from your hard road of life.

  2. Being an Outcast is no fun. There must be something more deep behind this post than a casual reader may find at first glance or perhaps, you're writing a novel. Hmmm, you've left me inquisitive to read more of your blog. It's good you have this outlet to freely express yourself without reservation.

  3. I think it is wonderful you had a friend you could talk to.

  4. I like your new blog colors. It's soft and blues.

  5. it seemed that though life was tough in your teens but you were blessed to experience a protective and very caring friend, friends like these are treasures indeed.

  6. feels like I walked into the middle of a story. Sounds intriguing and a bit sad. I wonder, is this true? {:-D

  7. Aww, I really feel bad for you and Chi'. You guys were so young and had gone through so much. Yet you guys were treated as outcasts and didn't even have your family with you. At least you had each other which must've been a relief since you were both in a new environment. It would have been a lot harder for the both of you if you were alone out there.

  8. I have felt like an Outsider my whole life, but never an Outcast. Being an Outcast I imagine has both a misery and a freedom.

  9. If I had to be considered an outcast to hang with my best friend and confidante, I would choose to be an outcast. I did that when I decided to marry out of my race and do not regret my decision. I wish you could still have contact with Chi. He was/is very special.

  10. On top of everything else you have endured, now you have to be ostracized as well.

    I'm glad you had Chi for support and friendship.

    I think you were each others angels.

    Thanks for linking.



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