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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

M Is For Memories

After the failure of Chi's operation, everyone lost hope and enthusiasm! The doctors were sure that it would help his vision a little, and not a total of unchanged. The devastation hit everyone's mental stage very badly, and drained our energy.

No one suffered more than Chi' though; he stayed in his room licking the deep emotional wound and the disappointment the surgery had left! My own case hung without further development. While the doctors and the specialists worked through their dilemma, analyzing the details, and testing out their theories, Chi' and I were two lost souls in the hospital.

We used the hospital roof top to escape the life below all day at times. Nothing made sense! Destiny was set! Dream, hope and wish were crushed into pieces! It was a big blow for two despair teenagers to face. We were given a little light and we grabbed on for the ride.

In my mind, if Chi's surgery didn't work out, the chance of fixing my leg was now doomed too since it had to do with the main vein/bone/nerve in my right leg. My case was a 100 percent more difficult than Chi's.

The week after Chi's surgery, the hospital sent him back to Indian Town Gap to prepare for settlement with his family in California. His case was officially closed! He had to move on with his life as before with nothing changed except for the painful memories. Our relationship somehow became less verbal.

I waved him off as the bus took him away, and felt very lonely that day. Part of me went with Chi' back to the barrack, where life wasn't an experimental journey. The only parting words from Chi' was to tell me be careful around Guy, and always be alert.

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  1. This is all so mysterious and interesting!

  2. What a terrible situation and most touching. We were never promised a bed of roses, but seems some of us have more thorns than others. May you and all the others find peace knowing you are not alone.

  3. fond memories are awesome to have.

    love the nature shots, smiles.

  4. I still think about the fact that you and Chi' are no longer in contact. That is just so sad to me, especially because you both went through so much together. Mumsy, you will let us know if you ever reconnect, won't you??

  5. Memories aren't always good ones, are they. And still they are part of who we are. I expect to read more of your story in the weeks ahead...

  6. How awful that nothing could be done to help his sight!

  7. These memories are making me feel sad.

  8. A sad memory. It is good, however, that you had each other to lean upon during this trial of life. I hope you find each other again and share the rays of light hidden in the time of sadness.

  9. It is so sad that he went through this for nothing, but I am sure there was a reason as I do not believe God ever does anything without a reason.

    I am sure your time together was a treasure for each of you and I do hope you reconnect. Would you talk as if you are old friends or would there be an awkward silence?

    How awful for you to have lost his presence and have to face your ordeal alone.

  10. I'm thinking there's more to this...

  11. I feel so heartbroken for Chi. There was so much hope with this surgery but then nothing changed. It must have really crushed his hopes of ever getting better. It's also sad that he had to part from you so soon after his surgery. I hope you do get in contact with him again!

  12. I am wondering now where this saga will lead. I await the next installment.

  13. Darn. I was so hoping his vision would improve. So sad that it did not.

    I can visualize how you must have felt about your own upcoming surgery.

    Another harrowing time in your young life.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  14. Sometimes, it is worse to have hoped and been disappointed, than never to have had hope at all!


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