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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

L Is For Loosing

Chi' went in for experimental surgery early in the morning, and I had nothing but prayer for him. Although our religious belief was different and often clashed, I held on to my faith wishing for a successful operation. Chi' has lived all his life behind a cloudy curtain, and it was time for him to see the world in clear details.

He had no complaint, just frustrations when he could not see the vivid colors of the world as I saw them, even though I was far-sighted too, without the use of glasses. I couldn't imagine what it was like for him. Thus, I prayed; I wished; and I hoped with all my heart for an outcome that dubbed as a "scientific miracle".

The surgery took four hours, and when Chi' was out; half of his face was in bandage. I got to see him for a brief moment when the nurses wheeled him into the recovery room. He was heavily sedated and kept under watchful eyes.

As a patient in the same hospital, I was not allowed to be with him until the third day when the danger of infection had subsided. We didn't talk about the outcome of his surgery, afraid that the result might be different from what we've hoped for. It was what it was or would be!

Seven days went by in our heart pounding drum every minute of it. If it was a successful surgery for Chi', I had a positive hope to a normal life also. So we thought! We lived on the edge of dream, hope, and wish.

The day they removed the bandages from Chi's face, I was there waiting as promised. He opened his left eye for the first time and announced in the most horrifying voice: "It is the same!" We all, the doctors, the nurses, and I, drooped down to our knees in silence and felt like we were robbed naked...

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  1. Oh that kept me on the edge of my seat. I am so sorry For Chi.

  2. I was on the edge of my seat too. Great post!

  3. oh, I was hoping it would be a positive result, I too would feel robbed :( it must be very painful for both you and Chi.

    by the way, the pictures are spectacular.

  4. What a crushing blow! Poor Chi!

  5. Sorry the outcome wasn't what you had hoped for!

  6. I'm sorry the surgery was no help.

  7. Oh no! What a horrible disappointment...

  8. Don't give up hope. Perhaps time is needed for better results, at least that's what I hope.

  9. That is so disappointing. I was hoping he'd had a good result.


  10. Oh no - poor Chi. That must have been a terrible moment for all of you!

  11. It is ad enough going through any type surgery, but simply horrible when it is is not successful. I almost lost faith in the medical profession.

  12. It is bad enough having any surgery, but horrible when it is not successful. Sorry to hear such a story. I have about lost all confidence in our medical profession.

  13. So sorry - perhaps as the others wrote - the days ahead will bring a positive outcome.

  14. Disappointing is probably not strong enough of a word... but can I hope things got better?

  15. sorry for what happened.


  16. Aww, that totally sucks. I was hoping and wishing that the outcome was a positive one that it breaks my heart that nothing had changed especially after those first 7 days after the surgery. It must have been really tough for everyone that all their efforts and prayers had gone unanswered :(

  17. Ohman! Not what everyone was expecting, but probably was his destiny.

  18. Oh no. Oh no. I was reading this with bated breath...Such a sad ending for so much hope,worry and pain. I'm hoping things improve with him...

    Gosh, Mumsy. It just seems like if wasn't for bad luck you both would have had no luck at all.

    Thanks for sharing your heart here.



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