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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Clover

Half Pink Clover
It is the simple things in life, most often, weed flowers such as this beautiful pink clover that brought joy to my eyes. When carefully tended flowers taking their time to bloom, clover is in great supply on the lawn!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

O Is For Outcasts

I never mention the nightmare I had with Guy to anyone, except later to Chi' of course when we met again at Indian Town Gap. He was my best friend at that time! I stayed at the hospital for another week after the incident, and took refuge in my room for the major part of the day. I avoided going to the cafeteria or any communal areas for fear of running into Guy. Not only it was frightening to remember the possibility of danger, but it was also awkward if I saw him.

My family had left for settlement in Michigan, and was sponsored by a Catholic Church. The hospital sent me back to Indian Town Gap a week after. My case was closed, and I was happy to get out of there. I had no bitterness for all the torture that I had endured at the hospital. It happened as it had decided!

When the bus came to a stop at the barrack, Chi' was there to greet me! We were two teenagers without family at the camp, so naturally we hung on to each other for support and comfort. We dined together, and we went everywhere together. At night, he bunked with his friend's family, and I took residence with another.

We were the outcasts of the barrack and pretty much were orphaned in a sense! No one told us what to do! We waited for our paperwork to get done so we could go to our family, and knew for sure that we would never have a chance to see each other again. Chi' became even more protective of me after he heard what happened with Guy.

He shadowed over me, and made sure that I would not make friends with people that he didn't know! My weakness was too trusting and honest, of which Chi' realized quite well. We didn't talk about our hospital stay or the loosing experience we had. For some reasons, that part of our life seemed to get blocked out mutually as if it had never happened!

There was not many places at Indian Town Gap that we could explore or escape. Many people knew that Chi' and I had no family at the camp, and we just got out of the hospital; they still treated us in ill manner for we were in opposite genders. We were not supposed to always hang out with each other, but since we were outcasts, it didn't matter to us of what they thought or said.

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No Hidden Costs On Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have just been reminded that our cell phone contract was expired, and if I sign up for another two years, I would be able to upgrade our phones to better ones, with an additional charge of $18 dollars for each line. On top of this charge, of course there is also the cost for the phones themselves.

During a family dinner conversation, my sister-in-law told me that she uses the plan everything you need with Straight Talk. This is a no contract plan, free 411 calls, no activation fee, no termination fee, and on top of it all, she also get 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 30 MB of web data. She only pays five dollars extra a month to call a friend oversea. You can see a little bit in the video below:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pink Hydrangea Bud

The beautiful hydrangea flowers at my sister's house are in full bloom, and they are spectacular to see. They are full and have a variety of different pink/purple shades. She was wondering why they changed from original purple color to this pink color. We can only guess that it has to do with the soil, and the sun light that this plant is receiving. Anyone knows?

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Stem Pink Rose

My brother had this gorgeous long stem pink rose plant in his back yard, and it continuously bloomed long after my red rose had been gone. The rose when opening up a little, has a yellow base color as you can see in the photo below.

This plant grew against the back wall of his house, and gets bushier each year! I think the heat from his house kept this rose very healthy. As much as I love the rose, I couldn't find a good angle to photo it.

I would love to have a better background to show case the beauty of this rose, but all I get is the brick wall or the neighbor's house top. Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

N Is For Nightmare

I was naive, trusting, and took people words for what they were without having a second thought. It came natural to me not thinking ill of people first hand, until they gave me a bad experience or so. This was my weakness to the point of stupidity, and this vicious cycle happened more often than not!

Chi' knew this about me, and warned me to be careful, especially around Guy who had been stabled for a while. He hung out with us some times on the roof top. It was hard for us to exclude him since he was one of us. However, after Chi' left, I didn't feel comfortable being with him alone, and Guy could sense it.

Somehow, Guy picked up on my weakness of trusting and talked me into going to the roof top one night. At first, we shared small talks, but my gut feelings were on high guard. It told me to be alert, and I had to be smart with my choice of words. I should not set him off with what I said!

Sure enough, when he physically moved closer to me, and pushed me toward the edge of the wall, I knew I was in danger! He confessed his love for me, and wanted a kiss. I ducked, I turned my face away to avoid the contact, I gently switched to different subjects, and I pretended to search in my heart the love I had for him.

Moreover, I prayed, silently screaming in my head, that he wouldn't throw me over the wall if he didn't get what he wanted. Part of me at that moment blamed on my own ignorance and stupidity! Part of me tried so hard to think of a safe escape and how to get out of this predicament.

I knew for sure that whatever came out of my mouth, it had to make sense, soothing, and not offensive to Guy. I asked him to give me time to think about "our love", and that we should take things slowly. Standing there in the circle of his arms, I felt disgusted but accepted, and distracted his desire by talking about the beauty of the night...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pink Bleeding Hearts

Do you feel as if summer time you are more busy? I do! For one, I like to spend more time outside looking and enjoying all the flowers around me. Warm weather is very short and limited in my neck of the woods.

This year, every thing seems to bloom later than normal. My neighbor has these beautiful pink bleeding heart flowers and I can't stop snapping pictures of them. Have a fantastic weekend..

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

M Is For Memories

After the failure of Chi's operation, everyone lost hope and enthusiasm! The doctors were sure that it would help his vision a little, and not a total of unchanged. The devastation hit everyone's mental stage very badly, and drained our energy.

No one suffered more than Chi' though; he stayed in his room licking the deep emotional wound and the disappointment the surgery had left! My own case hung without further development. While the doctors and the specialists worked through their dilemma, analyzing the details, and testing out their theories, Chi' and I were two lost souls in the hospital.

We used the hospital roof top to escape the life below all day at times. Nothing made sense! Destiny was set! Dream, hope and wish were crushed into pieces! It was a big blow for two despair teenagers to face. We were given a little light and we grabbed on for the ride.

In my mind, if Chi's surgery didn't work out, the chance of fixing my leg was now doomed too since it had to do with the main vein/bone/nerve in my right leg. My case was a 100 percent more difficult than Chi's.

The week after Chi's surgery, the hospital sent him back to Indian Town Gap to prepare for settlement with his family in California. His case was officially closed! He had to move on with his life as before with nothing changed except for the painful memories. Our relationship somehow became less verbal.

I waved him off as the bus took him away, and felt very lonely that day. Part of me went with Chi' back to the barrack, where life wasn't an experimental journey. The only parting words from Chi' was to tell me be careful around Guy, and always be alert.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

L Is For Loosing

Chi' went in for experimental surgery early in the morning, and I had nothing but prayer for him. Although our religious belief was different and often clashed, I held on to my faith wishing for a successful operation. Chi' has lived all his life behind a cloudy curtain, and it was time for him to see the world in clear details.

He had no complaint, just frustrations when he could not see the vivid colors of the world as I saw them, even though I was far-sighted too, without the use of glasses. I couldn't imagine what it was like for him. Thus, I prayed; I wished; and I hoped with all my heart for an outcome that dubbed as a "scientific miracle".

The surgery took four hours, and when Chi' was out; half of his face was in bandage. I got to see him for a brief moment when the nurses wheeled him into the recovery room. He was heavily sedated and kept under watchful eyes.

As a patient in the same hospital, I was not allowed to be with him until the third day when the danger of infection had subsided. We didn't talk about the outcome of his surgery, afraid that the result might be different from what we've hoped for. It was what it was or would be!

Seven days went by in our heart pounding drum every minute of it. If it was a successful surgery for Chi', I had a positive hope to a normal life also. So we thought! We lived on the edge of dream, hope, and wish.

The day they removed the bandages from Chi's face, I was there waiting as promised. He opened his left eye for the first time and announced in the most horrifying voice: "It is the same!" We all, the doctors, the nurses, and I, drooped down to our knees in silence and felt like we were robbed naked...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

White Hyacinth

Hyacinth has one of the most beautiful perfume in the world. It is intoxicating with just one single branch, and they come in a variety of colors. The bloom also lasted a long time.

I don't have this white color hyacinth, but my friend does! She also has a gorgeous pink one, which I love to photograph. Many of the flowers bloom late this year due to the strange weather we had.

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