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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

K Is For Keratoscope

No matter what kind of trauma you're going through, you will beat a different tune when something else hits, and you will soon ease up on the previous experience. You won't completely forget, and the trauma will still haunt you once in a while, but you move on.

After many days of dealing with that soldier's image, I was ready to block it out of my mind when Chi's doctor decided to operate on one of his eyes. We didn't understand completely what they were telling us, but we put hope in their hands. We took what was given and we left the result to Almighty.

Photo art of a pink mum
After many keratoscope tests, the doctors thought that they could improve Chi's vision. His family was notified, and they took the bus to visit him. The next day, they would be flown to California for settlement. There were no other choices for us to fuss about. I was left as the only person that was closest to him.

Since we were both heavy in cultural and tradition, we couldn't hang out in the each other's room for longer than five minutes. We usually had to meet in communal and open areas. Chi's was very disappointed and sad for not having his family around, but he also understood that they were on a different schedule.

Photo art of a mum
At sixteen and seventeen, we didn't know how to express what we felt so we went up to the roof to quietly escape the million questions in our mind. I didn't know what to say to him, and he didn't know what he felt or what to think of the situation. We stayed wordless just sitting by each other until it was time to go to our rooms.

I prayed silently for Chi's upcoming operation and wished him luck. He said, "the first person I want to see CLEARLY is YOU, so just be there when they remove my bandage!" Apparently, I promised to be there. So we crossed our fingers and hope for the best...

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  1. I want to hear more about what happened next!

  2. Oh, do not leave us hanging!! What happened next?

  3. You left this off as a cliffhanger ... or since it's K-week, perhaps it's a KLIFFhanager. :)

  4. and i am hoping for the best too. by the way, the flower shots are very impressive, it's like going on in circles.

  5. love the fisheye pics
    prayers for the surgery

  6. What a heartwarming thing for him to say to you Mumsy ... he must have felt very close to you.

  7. Very interesting ! I never heard this word !

  8. You both went through so much. I'm glad you had each other.


  9. I am hoping that the surgery turns out ok....

    lovely lovely photos..

  10. I wish I could have been there to hold his hand.

  11. I wish I could have been there to hold his hand.

  12. glad to see you find your voice in the end.
    insightful post.

  13. And I know you will be as beautiful as Chi thinks you are. I appreciate your words about trauma. Right now that seems to define my life, but I know it will get better.

  14. Wow, it must have been such an emotional time for you guys at that age... I'm so anxious to hear how his surgery went...

  15. I hope for good results and can't wait to hear what happens next either.

  16. Gosh, I'm hopeful but worried. Luck doesn't seem to be in big supply back in those days for either of you.

    Fingers crossed, though, that this story ends up well.

    Thanks for linking! Can't wait to read how it works!



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