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Friday, June 10, 2011

Heart of a Pink Daylily

A look inside the heart of a pink day lily
I don't see too many tones of pink color that I don't like, but the baby pink tone has to be the best one for me. This baby pink daylily was part of a Mother's Day bouquet from my sons to me.

Strong and young heart of a day lily
Just like the daisy family, daylily has many different varieties and different colors, from white, yellow, deep pink, red, orange to two tones mix, purple, lavender, to deep maroon colors. My pink daylily lasted for about two weeks as cut flowers.

Mature heart of a day lily
Daylilies are perennial flowers, easy to grow, and can actually take care of themselves.  They grow best in full sun, but adapt themselves to a wide range of soil and light condition. They establish quickly and form a dense mass in just a few years, which can be divided every three to four years after they flowered.

If you don't want the daylilies to multiply, remove seed pods to prevent them from production! Daylilies are drought tolerate, but thrive best in moist and well drained soils. They need fertilization every year to encourage more flowers.

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  1. Simply beautiful! have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos and words! Love it!

  3. I absolutely love lilies! Beautiful photos!

  4. These are so pretty! I would want to keep the seeds in and have them spread.

  5. Very pretty post today. Just stay young at heart and you will do fine.

  6. I love your pretty pink lilies! They are really a treat.

  7. beautiful shots, you really have shown us the inner beauty of the pink daylily.

  8. Great up close and personal shots. HPS!
    Joyce M

  9. Beautiful pink hue in these photos Mumsy.

    Wishing you a good week!


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