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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

G Is For Guy

Chi' told me that the "crazy" guy had mental illness, and he was in his mid 20s. He also warned me to avoid any contact with this person although I had not seen him. (I don't remember his name, so I will just call him Guy.)

Guy thought that he was still fighting in the war, and had no recollection of dates, times, or places. He needed serious help, but had slipping through many check points. Yes, Guy could be as normal as anyone if his mind didn't act up. He was very capable of living a day to day routine when no one cornered him, or asking him questions.

Chi' was great in gathering the information on Guy. He was found hiding under the seat in the bus, and wanted to go back to Indian Town Gap. The security had to strap him in straight jacket and brought him back to the hospital ward where he would be taken residence. He was on a different floor from me and Chi'.

Despite Chi's warning, my curiosity ran wild and I found Guy intriguing! I wanted to know what happened to him, how he became "crazy", how did he survive the trip from Vietnam to America alone, and so much more. At 17, my mind was very active with imagination, and had a need to cure the world.

I knew Guy got locked up on the top floor of the hospital and he had to be sedated for many days. He would not stop fighting, screaming, or calming down. Yes, my heart broke to know of such a young vibrant man in the stage of destruction.

When I relayed my thoughts and feelings about Guy to Chi', he looked at me sternly and said,  "Just drop it! Just drop it!" Then he asked me to go to our "Enchanted World" to clear my mind...

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  1. i could definitely understand the curiosity, i would be too i believe in that age. meanwhile, i like how you hold us til next....into the enchanted world with chi.

  2. This is so sad. He sounds like he had so much to share.

  3. PTSD was and is such a problem. I can see why you were sympathetic and drawn to him.


  4. yep, i would've been curious, too.

  5. I too would have been curious to know more about "Guy". His story is so sad.

  6. I think I would keep my distance, even though his story is sad and I feel for him, because you never know what might set him off and make him dangerous.

  7. I came by again because of your water droplet comment. Then I notice yours.

    Is the story real? If you believe in rebirth, this could just be one of those situations. If rebirth is true, then I truly pity Guy who is being locked up for having a good memory.

  8. Distraction and curiousity? Compassion and sympathy? You are such a complex and intriquing person. This story pulled at my heart. PTSD is the real deal. Sad no-one recognize this then and tried to help. Or maybe they did try and it was too late.

    Either way, a gripping tale this week.

    Thank you.


  9. So now we must know that you are quite a youngster, with vivid imagination and many ideas ;-)

  10. When I lived in the Bronx there was a veteran who would march back in forth in front of White Castle with a stick slung over his shoulder like a rifle. He acted as if he was on duty. The war plays many games on the minds of our soldiers.

    I am glad your friend discouraged you from checking Guy out.


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