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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Rose and Happy 4th of July

Pink rose
Nesting among the weed on one side of my house, I found this beautiful pink rose. Just one, but it smells so good for the entire area! Now, I'll have to find time and weed out this spot so that the rose can grow better for next year. 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

K Is For Keratoscope

No matter what kind of trauma you're going through, you will beat a different tune when something else hits, and you will soon ease up on the previous experience. You won't completely forget, and the trauma will still haunt you once in a while, but you move on.

After many days of dealing with that soldier's image, I was ready to block it out of my mind when Chi's doctor decided to operate on one of his eyes. We didn't understand completely what they were telling us, but we put hope in their hands. We took what was given and we left the result to Almighty.

Photo art of a pink mum
After many keratoscope tests, the doctors thought that they could improve Chi's vision. His family was notified, and they took the bus to visit him. The next day, they would be flown to California for settlement. There were no other choices for us to fuss about. I was left as the only person that was closest to him.

Since we were both heavy in cultural and tradition, we couldn't hang out in the each other's room for longer than five minutes. We usually had to meet in communal and open areas. Chi's was very disappointed and sad for not having his family around, but he also understood that they were on a different schedule.

Photo art of a mum
At sixteen and seventeen, we didn't know how to express what we felt so we went up to the roof to quietly escape the million questions in our mind. I didn't know what to say to him, and he didn't know what he felt or what to think of the situation. We stayed wordless just sitting by each other until it was time to go to our rooms.

I prayed silently for Chi's upcoming operation and wished him luck. He said, "the first person I want to see CLEARLY is YOU, so just be there when they remove my bandage!" Apparently, I promised to be there. So we crossed our fingers and hope for the best...

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beautiful Flowers of Chive

Chive flower
I planted some chive in a container last year, and it has provided me with many wonderful meal as I used it to flavor my dishes. However, we could not keep up with it, and some came into flowers.

Chive flower in raindrops
This beautiful flower was the reason for me to grow chive, because it is just so pretty in lavender! I know chive will multiply very fast, and keep it in a container was a smart choice. It comes back every year and not spreading all over the yard.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink and White Columbine Flower

Pink and White Columbine
Living in the cold weather with snow and ice for so long, spring is like the sound of music for me! I was able to see flowers, blooming trees, and sunlight for most days. I love going to local nurseries to see what they have to offered, and this beautiful pink and white columbine flower is just gorgeous.

Close-up of Pink and white columbine
This is just another variety of pink columbine flowers, and so far I have seen three different kinds. The pink colors though, are in many different tones too. Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

J Is For Journal

I've kept a journal at a very young age, and in it I often wrote about how I felt, who said what to me, or what happened to me. However, it was never RAW and Truthful since I had always afraid that someone would read it, and I would be in trouble. I watched over my thoughts with my own writing, and tried to find a secret way to express them that only I would understand.

I came across my old journal, where I wrote about Chi', and my relationship with him in the hospital. Thus, this Alphabe-Thursday series came in to play. Now, more than 20 years has passed, and we've lost touch; I still remember him vividly in my mind. It is sad that the people that meant a lot to me in the first half of my life seemed to just vanish.

I've searched for Chi' these last few years, but not very successful. The last letter he sent to me carried Santa Ana, California post mark and I had a collection of his pictures in various places that he visited. We were friends through the hardest part of our teenage years when our imperfection made us felt like outcasts and unwanted.

He had several times hinting his feelings toward me, but we both knew there were no future for us, and there was that "age-thingy" between us! I was older. I was his older sister in other words. My journal didn't reveal much of anything beside the fact that I recorded the dates we were in the hospital, how we met, and what we went through.

I promised Chi' that I would be there for him after our families knew where we would settle by keeping in touch. We did exchanged correspondence for many years until we were in our late twentieth, and we moved houses. My only regret was not able seeing him after our discharge from the hospital.

It was funny how at a younger age I didn't really know how to keep friendship alive, or have a deeper appreciation for those in my life. People come and go until years later that I have wishes of knowing where they are now. I'm however, happy that I still have his pictures, letters, and the journal that reminded me of that difficult time in our lives.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

We didn't get to enjoy seeing the blooms this year for long, since the rain, the wind, and cold weather took its toll on spring season.

All the beautiful flowers came and went almost overnight. By the time the rain stopped, which was four days later, we were left with bare branches and leaves.

Then again, it is what it is! There is still fantastic beauty in what was left, and I just have to look at it in a different perspective.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Theresa Princess Lily

Theresa Princess Lily
The tag on this beautiful pink lily said "Theresa Princess Lily", so I supposed its the proper name. Indeed, it looks like an elegant princess.

A bunch of Theresa Princess Lily
These pink lilies were sold at Lowe's for $7.99 a pot even though they were at the end of their growing cycle. Like other lilies, they are perennial, and also known as dwarf Peruvian lily. To stimulate the plant to have more flowers, pull the stem at the base, but don't cut them.

One single princess lily
They bloom from early summer to fall. The soil has to be well drained, and moisture has to be moderate. The foliage are deep green, and they are happiest in filtered sun.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Is For Intense

As Indian Town Gap sending people off to their permanent dwelling, the hospital received visitors from the camp everyday for their final vaccinations. The problem arose when there was no translator accompanying the group.

Chi' and I were drafted to do the job. We became translators! We didn't understand or speak English that well, but we knew enough to explain what needed to be done or what the doctors and nurses wanted. It was quite an exhilarated feeling to be able to help even though the task was very small.

We were then known as Vietnamese/English translators in the hospital. If anyone needed help, we were called to interpret. One day, while Chi' was undergoing medical examinations and tests for the upcoming surgery of his eyes, I was summoned to the top floor where Guy resided. Apparently, Guy refused to take any kind of drugs for his condition, and screamed uncontrollably in Vietnamese.

When I arrived to the top floor, my first notice was the many metal bar doors dividing the rooms of each patient, and the reception desk. I had not reached the nurse when I heard a loud voice "kill her, kill her, she is bad", and the banging on the metal bar to my right side. The scream and the noise of the metal shaking, stiffened me right on the spot. 

I just stood there, looking at this white rough looking man behind the bar door, and wondered why he got so angry at the sight of my being. He reached his hands through the metal bars and wanted desperately to grab me. The expression of fear, hatred, and violent on his face scared me to the point of shivering. He continued to scream "she is bad, she is bad, kill her" and frantically ran around his room in a crazy manner looking for things to throw at me.

When a nurse came to my rescue, she gently told me that he was a Vietnam veteran. He associated all Asian looking people as Viet-Cong (communist). She said she would bring Guy to my floor instead and I would never have to set foot on this floor again.

I went back to my room and was not sure how to dissolve his image in my mind...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting Pine

There are so many interesting things in this world for us to see and enjoy. I saw this pine cone, outside my daughter's dorm, and couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of them.

I would not look at the pine cones the same again, especially when they are at growing stage! They look totally different from the pine cones that were mature.

I won't have a chance to photograph these pine cones at their mature stage, since my daughter has moved into her own rented house.

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PharmacistWalgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products was introduced to me by a friend while we were outside planning some flowers in her garden area. I started to sneeze non-stop because of allergens floating in the air. At the time, I didn't know that I had seasonal allergy. She gave me a Wal-Fex Allergy pill, and told me that it works just as great as other products out there in the market, but at a much more affordable price. Moreover, Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heart of a Pink Daylily

A look inside the heart of a pink day lily
I don't see too many tones of pink color that I don't like, but the baby pink tone has to be the best one for me. This baby pink daylily was part of a Mother's Day bouquet from my sons to me.

Strong and young heart of a day lily
Just like the daisy family, daylily has many different varieties and different colors, from white, yellow, deep pink, red, orange to two tones mix, purple, lavender, to deep maroon colors. My pink daylily lasted for about two weeks as cut flowers.

Mature heart of a day lily
Daylilies are perennial flowers, easy to grow, and can actually take care of themselves.  They grow best in full sun, but adapt themselves to a wide range of soil and light condition. They establish quickly and form a dense mass in just a few years, which can be divided every three to four years after they flowered.

If you don't want the daylilies to multiply, remove seed pods to prevent them from production! Daylilies are drought tolerate, but thrive best in moist and well drained soils. They need fertilization every year to encourage more flowers.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

H Is For Humiliation

If you've grown up in a society where your body is a "temple of God", then you would understand how humiliating it was for me to undress and walked around the room filled with more male doctors than females.

At first, they allowed me to keep a short shirt and underwear on, because I was frightened and refused to do so. Then slowly, I was stripped naked for the doctors to see every movement on my body as I walked. Often, I was in tears. Shame and feeling dirty took over my thoughts.

I grew up in a culture where men and women were not allowed to be liberal with their physical expressions, and here I was, all naked, completely nude, parading around the room with hundred of eyes on me. Every movement on my body was recorded, and came the close-up examination of touches.

I looked for comfort from the female doctors, but found very few nods of confirmation or encouragement. None of these doctors really understood the cultural differences between a 17 years old Asian girl to a 17 years old American girl. They were there just for medical reasons!

Never in my life had I ever wore a two-piece bikini swim wear or changed in front of anyone before, not even around family members! This humiliation became much more frequent as the doctors decided to operate on my right leg. The plan was to go in and replaced the damage vein or somehow fixed it to balance my wobbly walk.

Usually, after this kind of examinations, I hid myself away, and didn't feel like seeing anyone. I just wanted to curl up under my covers to find that sacred protection of fabric, and not felt so bare again.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Maple Flowers

I had no idea that red maple tree has such pretty little flowers until I came upon them one gray afternoon.

Before the tree fills out with leaves, these tiny little yellow flowers decorate every branch of it. It hang over a brick wall so I was able to see them up close.

The wind and the gray sky didn't help much to bring out their beauty, but the colors are still there.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Pink and White English Daisy Galaxy Mix

Pink and white English Daisy
I have a weakness for two tones or more colors flowers! They seemed just too remarkable for words to describe, and I marveled at the genius of human's mind. I'm sure that these pink and white colors English daisies are the result of human's hands.

Macro of pink and white English daisy
I've recently seen these English daisy galaxy mix at different home stores, and they come in different colors also such as red/maroon, deep pink, two tones, and white ones.

Pink and white English daisy mix
 This beautiful English daisy bloom in the Fall and Spring for colder climate, but all through Winter for hot ones. They are great as cutting flowers, pot flowers, and they will seed themselves for many more seasons. Growing from seeds will only take from 12-14 weeks. The galaxy will give you repeat-flowering all season long if you remove the deadheads promptly.

They thrive in full sun to partial shade, grow quickly, and in imperfect soil even in sandy one. Just make sure to remove the deadheads.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

G Is For Guy

Chi' told me that the "crazy" guy had mental illness, and he was in his mid 20s. He also warned me to avoid any contact with this person although I had not seen him. (I don't remember his name, so I will just call him Guy.)

Guy thought that he was still fighting in the war, and had no recollection of dates, times, or places. He needed serious help, but had slipping through many check points. Yes, Guy could be as normal as anyone if his mind didn't act up. He was very capable of living a day to day routine when no one cornered him, or asking him questions.

Chi' was great in gathering the information on Guy. He was found hiding under the seat in the bus, and wanted to go back to Indian Town Gap. The security had to strap him in straight jacket and brought him back to the hospital ward where he would be taken residence. He was on a different floor from me and Chi'.

Despite Chi's warning, my curiosity ran wild and I found Guy intriguing! I wanted to know what happened to him, how he became "crazy", how did he survive the trip from Vietnam to America alone, and so much more. At 17, my mind was very active with imagination, and had a need to cure the world.

I knew Guy got locked up on the top floor of the hospital and he had to be sedated for many days. He would not stop fighting, screaming, or calming down. Yes, my heart broke to know of such a young vibrant man in the stage of destruction.

When I relayed my thoughts and feelings about Guy to Chi', he looked at me sternly and said,  "Just drop it! Just drop it!" Then he asked me to go to our "Enchanted World" to clear my mind...

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