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Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Green

Rain is good, right? It makes everything grow so beautifully and green, just like this lily sprouting right through the dirt over night, and still soaks in rain drops.

I'm so glad that the world didn't end as those wise predictors said. I personally, dislike hearing this sort of things. I ignore it, cover my ears, and pass it through for if the world is to end, I can't do anything about it either.

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  1. Well I am a predictor too Mumsy, and I knew it would not, so I decided to party instead. Lovely picture.

  2. i am glad i did not hear a lot of this prediction :) maybe i closed my ears each time it is featured in the news or read it in some friend's wall. At school, no one talked about it.

  3. Man does not know the day nor the hour. Lovely shots, Mumsy!

  4. These are gorgeous, fresh photos! Love, love love!

  5. just beautiful.... ;)

    visiting you from SST!

  6. Lovely photographs! Clicking via Sweet Shot Tuesday, and now a follower :)

  7. These are great. I just love raindrops on flowers (or just about anything)! These pictures are so crisp and clear.

  8. Gorgeous detail, colour and form!!

  9. The cacti you gave me has been buried from the winter storms. I can't find it anymore.

  10. Yeah, I'm kinda happy too that the world didn't end the other night. I kinda like this world!

    Your green lily is lovely.

  11. The detail is extraordinary - I love it. There is something magical about seeing ring on plants, a cycle of life. Your textures are fantastic. Nics

  12. I listen to scientists, can't ever remember the weather and so many "ACTS OF GOD" as Insurance people refer to them.
    They are so close together and so
    many of them. Now Iceland, and the poor people in Joplan, Mo. The Seasons are all crazy, Plants bloomed last spring that were suppose to bloom a month and a half later. The Cycle of life is tilting.

  13. I kind of have to wonder about all the people who believed so hard they sold all their stuff and quit their jobs (though WHY they did that, who knows?). They must be having a rough time of it right now.


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