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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

D Is For Delusion

Chi' and I later found out that we had many of the same doctors, and that we were being tested like lab rats at all hours. If one genius mind happened to come up with a new idea, then we were pulled out for a test.

They were, devoted to save us and brought us out of our cocoon after 16 to 17 years of crippling life. We had a rainbow of doctors: men, women, white, black, yellow and some colors in between. Anyone had any interest in us; had a jab at us. We were like free range target practices for them.

 Now, you have remembered that we were in our teen years with very little knowledge of the world, and though we could understand the language fairly well, we knew nothing of our rights! We might not even have rights at that time. We only knew that we would be fixed or hoping to be fixed.

A young man with blurry vision had no future! A young girl with a cripple leg had no future! That was the mentality which we were very accustomed to. For us then was to go through the torture of tests to trade for a better future. It was a small price to pay.

We lived in that delusion that the doctors could save our doomed life. The doctors exhausted their talents in the delusion that they could fix us. Every day, we went through blood tests, muscles tests, skin tests, tissues tests, and tests that we couldn't even pronoun the name.

We became the support system where we laughed them all off after a long tiring day at the lab. We joked about blood spill, and we teased each other for the bruises. When there was tiny spark of hope, we hung on to it..

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  1. So much pain! I'm glad there was some one there to share it with!

  2. oh mumsy, I feel your agony, those days must be very hard for you, and maybe exhausting? and at the same time looking at all the hopes that can help your legs get better and stronger. hope it ended in a happy story.

  3. Mumsy...Is it wrong to say that I love your posts? You have such raw honesty that comes through in your words. I am feeling your pain right along with you. These series of posts have the makings for a great book.

  4. oh stink, what a story you are telling. I can feel the thoughts, the feelings...way to put it out there!

  5. So glad there was a spark of hope!

  6. So difficult.

    It's good that you had each other.


  7. I find your story to be quite fascinating, and I am glad that you are sharing it with us.

  8. I realize the doctors were trying to find some kind of cure for you and your friend, but you both suffered so much. At least you had one another Mumsy to share experiences, tears, frustration, and a bit of laughter.

  9. A rainbow of doctors. It's amazing how that colorful statement can be gloomy when contained in a story of sadness such as this.

    I'm glad that you had someone there to share the horror with you. Laughter is sometimes the last thing we have to survive our lives with.

    Thanks for sharing your ongoing story.

    It was so poignant.


  10. I can't even imagine how difficult that would have been to go through. It's good you had someone and were able to support each other!

  11. Amazing in light of the situation, you turned it around and found laughter in some ways. Good thing you were a kid, because as an adult may not be handled the same way.


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