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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

C Is For Controversial

At the hospital, I preferred to have my meals in my room, and lived a very seclusive life since I knew no one there. I was afraid of leaving my own comfort zone, and the most adventurous thing I did was ventured out to the door to look around.

Every day, I was poked with needles on different parts of my body. Blood was drawn, and X-Rays were taken as regular as my meals. Deep down inside, I knew I couldn't be saved to be a "normal" girl. I was already 17; my bones were set and my body had formed. What could anyone do to change that?

I didn't remember how many doctors or nurses or technicians that went through my room. Their faces all blended into one and became one that came to try out a new test on me. I was again going through withdrawn and hated being me!

At the lowest point in my life, I met a 16 years old boy, who was going through similar experience as I, while waited to get X-Ray. We caught on as friends quickly as we spoke the same language, and as in our desperate situations. We both realized that we were more like guinea pigs than to become normal people in the eyes of society.

Chi' was in to get his eye sight back. He has lived with blurry vision since childhood after an accident, and had been in the hospital a few days before me. We had a bet with each other to count how many different doctors we had so far. The numbers were staggering at 21 for him, and 17 for me respectively, excluding nurses and technicians.

As it turned out, we were also known as the most controversial cases in the history of the  hospital! If everything worked out for us, the hospital would rise on the hall of fame, and our cases would become a phenomenon of miracle for the medical profession.

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  1. So did you become a miracle? Have you ever said, here on your blog, what your particular physical challenge/difficulty(ies) is? I have often wondered but don't wish to be intrusive or insensitive.

  2. Hi Mumsy...Haven't been keeping up with blog visiting for awhile. Guess I better go back and read from the start. Have a feeling this is going to be pretty RAW.... Commend you for forging ahead with it.

  3. I'm sorry that life was so difficult for you. Even after you got away from your aunt things didn't go well.

  4. This really does leave me wanting to hear the rest of the story. Sounds like the makings of a very strong woman.


  5. As a nurse, I can't help but wonder like Beth what your physical challenge is and how well you are now. I hope and pray you are enjoying good health now!

  6. Their success became yours! Thank goodnes!

    1. This showed that you didn't read a single words that I've written! So sad :-(

  7. Mumsy, I want to know more about this, please. This is a most interesting post.

  8. This will be continued I hope. :-)

  9. Such a compelling story you are telling here.


  10. Please continue Mumsy!

  11. ((((Mumsy)))) Your words are painful. So very sorry for your challenge dear one.

  12. A gripping story, I'm intrigued as to how it continues

  13. yes, definitely compelling (as Sue said). You have me yearning for more. How did this story turn out?

  14. You experienced so much at such a tender age. God bless!

  15. C is for compelling.

    C is for courage.

    A is for the admiration I feel for you.

    And for your grade for linking this heart-rending post.



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