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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Z Is For Zap

When I was a child, I witnessed my older brother getting zapped, and ever since I had the fear of electricity. I remembered standing there and watched as his body jerked this way that way before he fell flat on the ground.

It was a fearsome moment to see someone in tremendous torture but couldn't do anything about it. How my brother got there to get zapped, I can't recall. I just knew that water and electricity don't go together.

It was dinner time, I remembered, when we gathered around the well to get washed. My brother had wet hands when he happened to touch the wrong part on the electric water pump that was set aside. Chaos and screaming flooded my emotions as I stood there and watched.

We all thought that my brother would be dead, but he yanked his hand off the pump, and finally stopped the electric current that was running through his body. It was terrifying to see and we all felt so helpless as it happened right in front of our eyes!

My brother was in shock, frightened, and was rushed to bed. After having checked over, he received a clean bill of health, and no damages whatsoever! Of course, after this incident we  were on high alert whenever we were near the electric water pump.

Dad decided to move all electrical things far away to the side of the house for the safety of the family later on.  After witnessing how terrible electric shock was, I can barely keep my eyes open to watch policemen with their tasser-guns, even for good reasons!

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  1. Oh Thank goodness your brother was ok after that. And that your dad moved all the electrical things away.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. WHOA! Your brother was so lucky to be OK! What a terrible experience.

  3. It is a scary situation isn't it . I remember my sisters hands going up in flames burning her hands severely. It was horrible seeing them on fire and her flaying(sp?) them around , screaming not knowing what to do . She was varnishing something in the kitchen. It was terrible to see and I was really scared.

  4. I came close to being zapped one day and I know just how frightening that can be. Lightening struck the pool pump when I was standing in the kitchen at the sink. I felt that tingle and jumped back! Scary for sure

  5. bless you and your family.

    thanks for sharing some story with us.

  6. ok, true story: When my boys were teenagers, they held a contest with some of the neighborhood boys to see if anyone was brave enough to pee on my electric fence.

    My youngest was the "brave" one. He got quite a shock and was pretty quiet for a a few days....

    Glad your brother was ok...

  7. It's tough to learn the lessons of electricity at so young an age, but it sure gives one a healthy respect for the dangers of electricity. I was nearly zapped by lightening while walking home from school at 10 yrs. old. Needless to say I stay inside during storms.

  8. What a frightful experience.
    My Dad was an electrician and worked with the first A/c in Houston. He showed me at the age of 8 how scary elec. current can be scared the hell out of me but gave me real respect for it.

  9. No wonder that left you with that kind of fear...seeing something like that must surely leave a life-long impression - especially when young.

  10. What a frightening experience for your brother and how terrible that you saw it happen! That is a memory that unfortunately one would never forget.

  11. Oh my... that is definitely a traumatizing thing to witness as a kid! Just reading about your experience makes me feel a bit paranoid about being around water and electricity now. Glad to hear that your brother didn't get hurt or injured after the incident though!

  12. That had to be terrifying to see. THank GOD! Bro was OK!

  13. What a horrible memory. I thought recalling running into an electric fence as a kid was bad...but this was absolutely terrible.

    I'm glad he was okay in the end. Does he every talk about this incident?

    Thanks for an electrifying conclusion to Round Two of Alphabe-Thursday!

    I loved reading your posts. Your courage astounds me.


  14. That had to be horrifying! I am so glad he survived. I know an electrician that died while working with electricity and I have a very healthy respect for it. When my sister and I were little Dad had us touch the top wire of the electric fence and told us it was hot so we would know. I did not like that feeling.


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