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Friday, April 15, 2011

White Feather Bird

Once in a while, my little boy had an urge to see birds so we headed to our local pet store where we knew they would have different kinds of birds for us to watch. Though he has always wanted for a pet, I talk him out of it since our environment is not suitable for us to keep one.

This white feather bird was eating when we arrived, but abandoned it quickly to come near the glass to watch us instead. I supposed he/she finds us quite interesting to check out also. The boy talked and the bird danced as if they were connected. Life in a cage must be boring and lonesome for her/him.

Now, for Six Words Saturday, can you hear it:  Let Me Out of This Cage!!!

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  1. It is a pretty bird but, sad to see them in cages. Great photos.

  2. Ahhh... a pretty cockatiel. I love those birds - we used to get them on our front lawn quite a lot back home. They are smart, cheeky and lovely to be around.

    We had a pair of them here in Sweden as pets, though our cage was open and they had the run of the house. They died a couple of years ago (aged 17) and I haven't had the heart to get any more, even though I loved them when I had them.

  3. I hope the white feather bird finds a good home. Where it can fly around freely :-)

  4. Interesting interaction between your boy and the bird.

  5. What a pretty bird - I wish he had more room though! :(

  6. Pretty bird. I hope it finds a home soon with someone who will let it out of the cage when the doors are closed.

  7. I agree with you that living in a cage must be very boring indeed.

  8. Lovely short story for a lovely bird. I am sure he/she was thinking the same thing!


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