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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teenager Years

This is a peek into my life as a handicap teenager, growing up in the early 1970. Through many errors and trials, I have come to accept my faith, and learned to live my life the best way I know how.


*** A Is For Arriving

*** B Is For Bittersweet

*** C Is For Controversial

*** D Is For Delusion

*** E Is For Enchanting

*** F Is For Frenzy

*** G Is For Guy

*** H Is For Humiliation

*** I Is For Intense

*** J Is For Journal

*** K Is For Keratoscope

*** L Is For Loosing

*** M Is For Memories

*** N Is For Nightmare

*** O Is For Outcasts

*** P Is For Parting

*** Q Is For Quenching

*** R Is For Raw

*** S Is For Shackle

*** T Is For Tantalizing

*** U Is Unparallel

*** V Is For Vague

*** W Is For Winter

*** X Is For Xenophobia

*** Y Is For Younger Years

*** Z Is For Zigzag Registered & Protected


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