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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bright and Cheery Daffodils

Sitting in full sun, these beautiful, bright and cheery daffodils greeted me as I visited the garden outside by my local Conservatory. I love two colors on flowers, and these daffodils were wearing white and yellow!

It seemed like spring is slower to come around this year. We are at the end of March, but yet our temperature is still in the 20-ish. 

I'm waiting for warmer days, and keeping my eyes out for growing flowers in my garden, but nothing comes yet...

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  1. I know. My patience is not what it should be. I walk back to my rock garden and see the flowers sprouting; just about 2 inches of green poking up, but there are some bulbs scattered across my yard where the squirrels have cast them making their dinner out of them. I must quickly get some moth balls down or there will be no spring tulips, lilies, and hyacinths. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers with us. Blessings!

  2. I have some in my yard too. It's really gorgeous and the fragrance is out of this world.

  3. Love daffodils, always the first sign of Spring atbour house!

  4. Oh I love those! Daffodils (we call them buttercups here...I really don't know why, or how that got started...) are my favorite flower! :) Great picture!

    I think the white ones are called jonquils, but I'm not sure...I know daffodils/buttercups and jonquils look about the same, except jonquils are white, but I don't know if daffodils can be white or not...I think I shall look it up now. ;D


  5. Love these daffodil photos - they make my heart happy to see them.

    Our spring is VERY late this year Mumsy - we don't even have daffodils yet!

  6. Nothing makes a prettier picture than lovely flowers. I really enjoyed visiting with you and seeing your daffodils

  7. I adore Daffodils..what pretty shots Mumsy. Soon you will be getting lots of pretty shots with Spring here. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  8. Nothing says spring like daffodils! Gorgeous!

  9. Daffodils always manage to brighten the day. Lovely shots!


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