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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tulip Blossoms

The long awaited flowers finally blossom, my white tulips, and the rain hasn't stop long enough for us to enjoy the outdoor, just yet.

I was in and out between spurts of rain to try taking pictures of this beauty.  One of my desires is to learn to capture water drops in its most perfect form with reflection, but I'm not there or near the level that I wanted.

My six words Saturday:  Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

B Is For Bittersweet

Two weeks after arriving at Indian Town Gap in Pennsylvania, I was taken into the hospital for examination. Many people believed that I could be saved and would have a chance to a normal life. I had to say good bye to my family, friends, and my English teacher at the camp.

One of my father's acquaintances, who worked closely with the clinic at the camp suggested that the doctors here in the US could fix my leg, therefore he pushed his wishes through the office and established a spot for me at the hospital in Baltimore.

This man, I knew and called him uncle as our tradition dictated. He told me once that when we reached America, he would do everything he could to have my leg fixed so I could dance, run, and jump like other girls, because I always looked too sad to him.

Little did he know that I had just come out of an abusive life with my aunt, and I was lost. I had to deal with the fact that everyone thought of me as a useless, helpless cripple. At 17, the sense of being a human was in question when your life had no validation, and that sentiment passed down to the root of my soul.

To honor his promise, the uncle put me on the bus to be admitted to the hospital for tests and experiments. He had such high hope to see me coming back as a "normal" girl, and yet all I could feel was like a guinea pig about to go through all kind of torture!

I was placed on the floor for women and a room for myself at the hospital. The first night passed with so much anxiety and sadness that I wished I wasn't there.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lavender Hyacinth

The hyacinth is finally open, and the whole area smells heavenly. But we have rain, day after day so I pick one small branch and bring it inside for a photo shoot out.

Although the temperature is more tolerable, the wind and rain are not suitable to be outside with a camera. I always have problem capture the true color of this purple/lavender hyacinth. These photos have a bit of blue in them, which are not in real life.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrate Easter

Have a wonderful Sunday and Celebrate!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Is For Arriving

My life in the US began in the early months after turning 17, very immature, ignorance, and socially inadequate. My family, along with hundreds other families, settled down in a specific barrack that was assigned to us, at Indian Town Gap in Pennsylvania. We had a small room, enough space to sleep for seven people and came complete with a lock on the door.

As refugees, the only important job for us was to pass the interview for sponsorship. We needed to find a permanent location to start our lives over. The children all had to go to school during the day to learn basic English, and at night gathered at the Community Center to watch a movie or just roamed around the camp.

Life was beautiful for the most part even though we owned nothing to our name besides our clothing. The days and nights were filled with different activities and we were not hungry or thirsty. We lived in a guarded area with protection, and within these walls we still had freedom to explore.

There were always people around us, and everyone mingled with one another. It was like a cult society. We all knew each other, parents to parents, children to children, teenagers to teenagers. Everyone was the same: situation wise, penniless, homeless, country-less, and most importantly no status or rank.

Since having taken French and English back in Vietnam two years prior, I got a jump to Advance English class. The most joyous part of the day for me was to go to school, freely, and liberally making new friends without fear of being punished by my aunt. I had my own group of friends to satisfy the thirst for human relationship.

My English teacher was a lovely lady, whose manners and dispositions I considered an angel! She recognized that I was beyond the level of her class, so she gave me different assignments and books to advance in my studies. I only knew her for two short weeks, for I had to leave after that..

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Teenager Years

This is a peek into my life as a handicap teenager, growing up in the early 1970. Through many errors and trials, I have come to accept my faith, and learned to live my life the best way I know how.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Twisted and Turned

Hang in there with me as I'm showing you more Vine Design. I'm not over with my fascination for this natural wonder just yet. Besides, there is no flower in the garden at this moment.

Don't you find it interesting to see all the knotted parts and how it twisting this way or turning that way? If it wrapped around something, it had a tight grip to it.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

White Feather Bird

Once in a while, my little boy had an urge to see birds so we headed to our local pet store where we knew they would have different kinds of birds for us to watch. Though he has always wanted for a pet, I talk him out of it since our environment is not suitable for us to keep one.

This white feather bird was eating when we arrived, but abandoned it quickly to come near the glass to watch us instead. I supposed he/she finds us quite interesting to check out also. The boy talked and the bird danced as if they were connected. Life in a cage must be boring and lonesome for her/him.

Now, for Six Words Saturday, can you hear it:  Let Me Out of This Cage!!!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This marks the end of Alphabe-Thursday round two for us!  Boy, 26 letters zoomed by so fast, and I enjoy writing them so. It forces my brain to exercise its muscles, and comes up with a subject for that particular letter.

Busy I am now, so for the Alphabe-Soup, I'm going to link my letter X post since it strayed to the wild side last time.

If you want to join us, and meeting new friends, the Alphabe-Thursday Soup will resume to its normal time next week.  Thanks Jenny, for hosting this phenomenal meme!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vine Design

Scouting the yard for something to shoot, I came upon this old grape vine, and it captivated my attention.  It was not as pretty as flowers, but it had its own uniqueness.

Anything can be beautiful if we look at it in different perspective and find that special character in it.  This vine was all twisted in a design that no one could duplicate.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Delicate Pink Flowers

I spotted these delicate and pink flowers in the cactus house at our local Conservatory. As you can see, the flowers were big, but the stems were very thin and tall.

I couldn't find the name tag for these flowers, but I was totally taken away by their delicate beings.  Through budget cut, the Conservatory only open three days a week since they want to keep it free for everyone to enjoy.

There are so many flowers for me to learn the names, but I'm hopeless in the identification process.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Z Is For Zap

When I was a child, I witnessed my older brother getting zapped, and ever since I had the fear of electricity. I remembered standing there and watched as his body jerked this way that way before he fell flat on the ground.

It was a fearsome moment to see someone in tremendous torture but couldn't do anything about it. How my brother got there to get zapped, I can't recall. I just knew that water and electricity don't go together.

It was dinner time, I remembered, when we gathered around the well to get washed. My brother had wet hands when he happened to touch the wrong part on the electric water pump that was set aside. Chaos and screaming flooded my emotions as I stood there and watched.

We all thought that my brother would be dead, but he yanked his hand off the pump, and finally stopped the electric current that was running through his body. It was terrifying to see and we all felt so helpless as it happened right in front of our eyes!

My brother was in shock, frightened, and was rushed to bed. After having checked over, he received a clean bill of health, and no damages whatsoever! Of course, after this incident we  were on high alert whenever we were near the electric water pump.

Dad decided to move all electrical things far away to the side of the house for the safety of the family later on.  After witnessing how terrible electric shock was, I can barely keep my eyes open to watch policemen with their tasser-guns, even for good reasons!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bright and Cheery Daffodils

Sitting in full sun, these beautiful, bright and cheery daffodils greeted me as I visited the garden outside by my local Conservatory. I love two colors on flowers, and these daffodils were wearing white and yellow!

It seemed like spring is slower to come around this year. We are at the end of March, but yet our temperature is still in the 20-ish. 

I'm waiting for warmer days, and keeping my eyes out for growing flowers in my garden, but nothing comes yet...

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