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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Y Is For Yikes...

It was a strange thing that happened last week when I linked my X post to Alphabe-Thursday. I did it correctly so I thought, since I never had a problem with linking up before. I did what Mrs. Matlock told us to do, and visited more than 15 other posts.

However, I have very few returns! It astounded me and curiosity led me to click on my own link on Mrs. Matlock's X post today. My own Raw Thoughts And Feelings took me to a totally different site! How did that happen? Had my site been hi-jack or hacked?

I knew there is another Mumsy out there in cyberland, but I didn't know that there is another Raw Thoughts ans Feelings website. I could change Mumsy, but I cannot change the title of my blog since it is a domain name and it's paid for a year already.

Ok, whatever, I told myself because I have very little time on my hand to investigate the matter. Yielding...Yawn...Yodeling...Yearning to try again this week!

As with life, it must go on! Yard work is waiting, and a little physical exhaustion will do my mind some good.

Joining Alphabe-Thursday!

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  1. I'm happy to see that it worked for you this time. That is strange regarding your last post link up. Hm...I wonder what or why that happened.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for taking a peek at my "young sweethearts" post :o)

  2. Hi hope you get this love your blog

  3. Yikes!

    I noticed that last week, Mumsy!

    The internet is a strange and confusing place sometimes.....

  4. I can not believe you were hijacked!!! Maybe it was Mr. X's fault!!

  5. I only found out last week about the other raw thoughts and feelings blog. Are you sure ?

  6. I am so glad your link worked this week! I love the graphic.

  7. We found you this week! Hopefully its just a one time deal.

  8. That is so upsetting. You want the world to share YOUR thoughts not someone else's. Hope the yard work helped!

  9. Excellent post!
    Happy Y Day!

  10. Those photos are WAY COOL! Glad to have the real you today!!

  11. Glad that this time, your entry leads to the right place.
    bless you.

  12. There is only one Raw Thoughts and Feelings blog in my heart & mind - and it's yours Mumsy!

  13. I wondered what happened last week and am glad things are back to normal so I don't miss your post!


  14. Now that is weird. Sometimes I have 'bad' weeks where the twins won't let me stay at the PC and I struggle to visit everyone but I do try and catch up.
    glad I got you this week :)

  15. How wierd??? sometimes I don't manage to get back to everybody if the twins are being particularly difficult for example but I do try my best.
    Glad I got to you this week though :)

  16. Sorry that happened last week! I didn't get very many visits to my blog yet this week. Hmmmmm...Nah, I'm guessing it's just an off week! Your link is working fine this week though! Yay!

  17. Wow...definitely a big yikes there! So the link you shared linked to a different website? That must have been so strange of an occurrence! Glad that you figured it all out early!

  18. There could be a thousand raw thoughts and feelings but there is only one you! Yours is special and unique. I do wonder what happened, but like you said it would be time consuming to figure out. Yikes is right!

  19. Wow, that would be very weird if there is another Self Sagacity eh? Lord I pray no one like that title, but just me. Smiles.

  20. I went to that totally different blog and I kept thinking you had really, really changed your look.

    That is so strange to have happened.

    I'm glad this is really you now...I went back and looked at the linky and it looks right.

    I'm sorry I didn't try and fix that for you.

    Definitely a mystery.

    But I'm glad we have the real you back! Nobody can replace you!


  21. How weird! glad you're now back to the findable!


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