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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

X Is For Xenophobia

The letter X has very few words in the hard copy of my dictionary. Thus, I look at dictionary online, and Webster online for the X word. Finding no result, I sought after thesaurus online, and here I learned the word "Xenophobia."

We all know what "phobia" means, but what is "Xeno"? Well, there is no such word as xeno, but if you put the two words together, it becomes Xenophobia, a noun, and its definition is "belief without basis, information, intolerance". The synonym has a wide variation including: narrow-mindedness, discrimination, prejudice, injustice, unfairness, aversion, detriment, enmity, racism and so on.

How fascinating is the word xenophobia! After spending time looking up words, I realize that there are words I would never heard of or use, and there are hundreds if not thousands words that I don't know nor learn yet.

The most amazing part of this discovery is that I love to learn new words. Words that I don't often hear or use or see. I also find that by reading old classic stories by Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters, Leo Tolstoy, etc..I acquire new vocabularies.

There is another interesting X word such as xenophagy, and it is just as fascinating as xenophobia to me. For those that honored Lenten season, xenophagia means abstention from eating, or fasting.

Now, aren't you glad you stop by?

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  1. The things you learn on Alphabe-Thursdays! I did not know "xenophagia" and now I do! Thanks!

  2. Xenophobia I recognize, but not Xenophagy! It's amazing how many words I do NOT know exist.

  3. Well I learned something new. And to think, I always thought Xeno was the 6th Marx Brother!

  4. X is a tough one Mumsy...who would think there are that many words. Good one!

  5. What a wonderful lesson I received today. I think I know some people I could tie to that word, but I will refrain for now. lol

    God bless.

  6. 2 great "X" words! hadn't heard of xenophagy before, but it does make sense. I know that "phagy" has to do with eating or more accurately, swallowing.

  7. Like Splendid Little Stars, I knew the meaning or relationship of phagy to swallowing...thus the link to esophagus...

    I love to learn the origins and meanings to words too :o)

    Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. Xenophagia, eh? Since I like to eat I can't think of how I'll be using this word any time soon. :))

  9. I won't using the second word a lot - I'm not good at fasting. As for the second - well, wouldn't it be nice if there were none of that around at all?

  10. We have woodpecker that was xenophobic.

  11. Yes, I AM always.


  12. I'm always glad when I stop by here!



  13. This really is a terrific post!!!!!

  14. HEY, great new to me word! THANKS:)

  15. I am making it my personal challenge to work this into a sentence today...with an unsuspecting person who I shall dazzle with my intelligent and vocabulary.

    Or something like that!

    This is a great word!

    And I always love visiting you.

    Happy Alphabet Soup!



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