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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

W Is For Woman Warriors

My daughter prefers to me as a woman warrior!  It is a term of endearment, and I'm proud of it! This phrase just simply means: strong, and nothing is impossible.  It is what we use to encourage each other when we face a huge challenge.

Together, we have learned to fend for ourselves, and to take care what we have to. We had turn dirt over to make a garden, we had taken out bushes, we had put together a grill, we had chopped down trees to make room in the yard, and we had fixed broken faucets. Though some of these maybe a small task to others; we viewed them as great accomplishments.

Over the years I have found that many other women are also warriors when they face unimaginable situations. Some went through spousal physical abuse, such as Lori, who was pushed down stairs, resulting in broken arm and leg, but chose to stay to keep the family together. Others had to take on two jobs to put food on the table while watching their husbands struggle with unemployment.

These women are, in fact, all warriors in my book despite their choices or references! It takes a strong spirit to withstand hardships! I am bias when it comes to women, but after my divorce I came to respect women's in a much deeper sense than I've had ever.  Women always seem to rise above many obstacles with grace and very resilient.

So in honor of the letter W, woman-you are all Warriors in my eyes! You all know your strength and weakness. If anything throws your way, you will rise like a Woman Warrior that you are!

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  1. I love that you are a warrior! Great mom title!

  2. Women are warriors in many respects. Enjoyed the post.

  3. Amazing of how strong we women are. If you visit me, on my blog list is the link to "I AM WOMAN" You'd enjoy all Mary's stories about strong women...

  4. I think about so many of us as being woman warriors. We refuse to let life pull us down, but instead claw ourselves back up overtime it yanks at us. I like this post for Your “W” post. I was bouncing about your different blogs, and I am in awe of all of your accomplishments. I knew you were a special gal, but had no clue you had done so much. Thank you for sharing your special talents with all of us. Genie

  5. Here's to the woman warriors everywhere!

  6. be proud of yourself...we all share some characters in common.

  7. I consider our daughter Beth as a woman warrior! She is a strong woman who always has the upper hand. She doesn't think of herself as a warrior, though. She does have a black Lab whose name is Xena, though!!

  8. I am Woman - Hear Me Roar! Kudos on your Warrior post!

  9. Hurray for woman warriors!


  10. I couldn't agree more. The majority of the women I know are strong, compassionate mothers, wives, friends and workers....

    I loved this post!

  11. If your daughter thinks you're a warrior, you truly must be! This was such a great post. Coming through a divorce really can shed new perspective on things, can't it?

  12. You are an inspiration Mumsy. Keep fighting the battles Warrior Woman!

  13. Wonderful affirmation! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mumsy, this was a TERRIFIC post!! Brava!!!

  15. Lovely Post Mumsy, as one Woman Warrior to another, I applaud and celebrate you and all of the other Warrior Women!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. That is a great W post! I feel strong and empowered now!


  17. Yes, here us roar! What a great and inspiring roast. I prefer the title "warrior" over many others I have received! :-)

  18. What a perfect post. I love this. You are, indeed, a warrior. You have survived obstacles that would have crushed a lesser person.

    I know many, many women warriors.

    As the commenter above wrote...


    Wonderful link this week, Mumsy.


  19. I agree with all the comments here. This is a nice and inspiring post. It's a great word and description for women.


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