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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

V Is For Vanity

You can't possibly change someone's mind when they are in a stage of conviction that their thoughts and feelings were the absolute right ones. Their vanity is set in stone, and their perpetual bad behavior is the only excuse for human kind.

Dealing with this type of a person left me somewhat in awe of his existence. His righteousness is so poisonous to my being and frustrated me to my bones. I don't believe in the power one has over the others, including parents over their own children. The X, you see, think that he has control over the children while I argue that we are merely the guardians of their lives.

We only have rights to guide them to the best of our knowledge and to be great human beings. We must not control them on the merit of power! The children need to have some controls, some choices, some decision making, and have some saying in how their lives should be. After all, these were parts of the learning process to be mature.

Well then, I finally accepted the fact that the X will never be mature nor grown up. Like a child, he wants what he wants! His vanity will be satisfied first before anyone else. He carries the body of a man, but his brain has yet developed into adulthood. He has never even live father than 5 miles from his own parents, so how could he become a real man.

After much of contemplation, I give up and declare that his vanity has taken over my sanity as a whole. However, everything has an ending, and I have six more years to go on this journey before I can be completely free of this vulture!

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  1. And that day will come, eventually..

    How sweet will that be?

    Hang in there....



  2. Yes, "V" is for vain vulture! You got his number.

  3. Your X is Charlie Sheen? ;o}

    I hope you find peace well before the end of six years. Hang in there.

  4. If anyone can successfully get through the hard times, it's YOU Mumsy. You've shown us your strength and perseverance time and again. You will be Victorious over the Vulture!

  5. bravo,

    powerful take.

    everyone has some in us...

    stay blessed.

  6. Good post Mumsy, thoughts to ponder for sure!

  7. I understand about the children. I understand about your problem with the X. Hopefully it will all pass, in the mean time, don't waste your precious time feeling down on the count of the X.

  8. I think once we accept that there are some things that we can't change, they become easier to deal with. Best of luck.

  9. You have given this guy WAY too much power with his vanity issues. I have an inlaw who is exactly like him, and once I blew her off and went on with my life, I began to realize that her vanity was hiding huge insecurities about herself. Of course, learning that doesn' make me like her, but I don't hate her--and once I removed her power, I felt powerful!!!

  10. I realy admire you. You just keep going in spite of the fact that so many try to pull you down.

    Continue making a happy life for yourself, sweet girl. Success and happiness is the best revenge against someone like this.

    I loved your vivid descriptions of the changes you are making for yourself.

    You are a wonder.


  11. Hmmm, VULTURE is a great word here...


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