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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

S is For Sudden

I caught the end of the movie "Pride and Prejudice" when Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth finally embraced their love. That was it for me! The romance, the aching, the longing, and the beautiful things he said to her sent me into limbo.

I had no idea where my emotions came from, and surely this was not the first time I saw the movie. In fact, I have seen it at least 10 times already, but it never had a hold on me as it was this time around. I was "bewitched" by their love affair! I was thrown into a burning desire to find such pure and romantic notion.

I couldn't function, literally! The last scene tugged at me, and tormented me. Love seemed so beautiful and rare; the kind of love to die for, but this one had a happy ending. I then possessed to read Pride and Prejudice again, listened to the soundtrack music, and listened to Mathew MacFadyen's reading. You must listen to his wonderful and fantastic voice! He couldn't be any better than this.

Darn! What was wrong with me? Did Cupid shot me the wrong arrow? Did I get the Valentine love bite? Whatever it was, it was a welcome break to feel like a human again, and for a short time forgot all turmoils around me! I hope you will enjoy these clips, and fall in love all over again! 

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  1. That is a very heart tugging movie.

  2. What a beautiful way to link your S. Glad these tools helped take you away from the day-to-day worries for a bit.

  3. It's not just you. That scene gets me every single time (the emma thompson/hugh grant version) and I've seen it just as many times.

  4. When ever I watch a movie that is hopelessly romantic it tends to get Prince Charming in a ton of trouble.

  5. Getting lost in romance is the perfect escape!

  6. What a lovely post...

    Pride and Prejudice is one of my very favorites...

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to see it again!

  7. Oh yes, Mathew MacFadyen's voice is certainly easy to the ears... I love his accent.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  8. I love this movie too. The BBC version is my favorite.

  9. Colin Firth is my favorite Mr. Darcy!! I was mesmerized!

  10. You feel deep, very deep. That's wonderful.

  11. Oh Mumsy! Now I have to go rent that movie!

    It's strange, isn't it, how these things, these emotions, can come on suddenly when least expected.

    God love you, girlfriend. I know I do!

  12. Oh I totally get what you mean. There's something about Pride and Prejudice and the way that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth admit their love for one another that makes my heart skip a beat too. It's perhaps one of the most romantic stories I've read and definitely one of my favorites. Great to see that you have been moved so deeply and so wonderfully by this movie :)

  13. The music and scene are wonderful.

    And you're right, that reader's voice is amazing.


  14. I love the book Mumsy. And you never know when Cupid's arrow may strike! You're a wonderful lady who deserves lots of love.

  15. I think we all have the desire to be loved and cherished.

    I'm sorry that movie made you sad. I think I'm going to look at it that you're ready for romance and love again and send a giant wish your way that something is right around the corner for you!

    Thanks for a super stop on our little journey through Alpahbe-Thursday's letter "S".

    Sending you a giant hug along with your A+ this week, sweet lady.

  16. My SO love this movie. I don't know if he already came with it when we first met, or he bought it for me when we first met. Anyhow, he wanted me to watch it, I couldn't sit through it, it was the older version, and it was slow. I guess I am always in a rush to do other things, so slowness is so hard for me, but I will try this newer version. Thanks for posting looks like a very worth while movie to see.
    Much love, and wish you romance in the horizon as Jenny said.


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