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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

R Is For Relationship

Relationship sucks! Racism sucks! Relentless sucks! These are my "R" choices for the week, and I like them all. Relationship with family members and friends are excluded in this grand scheme. I'm not currently in a relationship with any man, unless the X is counted as a man, which is very questionable.

Every since he picked up a new bed-mate, not only my children suffer; I'm once again become this horrid woman.  Anything goes wrong, it's my fault! Anything the kids said or showed displease, I somehow brainwashed them, even when I'm not around or know what going on! I'm just so tired with these craps!

If the X doesn't get what he wants, then all hell breaks loose! My 25 years old, times and times again, has asked his dad to stop shoved his new bed-mate onto him and his siblings, but that was ignored and dishonored. It became my fault for brainwashed my children, and the grandpa joined the band wagon in accusing my children of being racism.

Give me a break! Just because someone doesn't like how things are carried out, they cried prejudice/racism. Their brain is so small to think that you can't force a relationship, so they play this card! What happens to my children's freedom of speech or constitutional rights? Who is prejudice or racist in this case?

You see, I've met up with this woman, the X's bed-mate, wished her happiness, hugged her, asked her to allow the relationship to develop naturally, but that were not enough for neither of them, and since she is a black woman; he is a white man; they flip the skin colors to make it an issue!

We live in the middle Detroit, and they live in an all white community, but yet we are the racist ones! What ticked me off, is that they think they have all the rights, but we can't even express how we feel. Now, his brainless father even went after my kids, and force his grandchildren to embrace a woman that they barely know, or else he would label them as prejudice!

When dealing with these ignorant people, relationship sucks, racism sucks, and their nonsense relentless demands suck!

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  1. I detest prejudism but I also hate when people cry racism when it is not so. We are a multifaceted people and our ethnicity is only one factor.

  2. It's never easy in relationships. You're doing a good job being so positive despite others being so harsh towards you.

  3. relationship is hard to grasp,
    you must act wise to win.

    best regards.
    awesome take on R.

  4. You definitely have more than one problems with these issues. Good luck, and hang in. With in time it will be better. I am so sorry you and children are going through such a bad time. May the good Lord take care and bless you.

  5. They don't get that it isn't about what they feel comfortable making it about.

  6. Sweetie, I have felt the anger you feel right now, and believe me when I say it does not serve you well. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. I think your son is old enough to know what's what. Please, stay calm, and cool, and smile and say, "Oh, well--sorry you feel that way." Then walk away. Life is too short to have all that anger. It is unhealthy for you and your children.

  7. I can't even imagine how tough that has to be. Sounds like you have to be the strong one, the example, role model for your children. They are truly lucky!

  8. People don't like other people and that is very natural, you have a choice. Some day, his pettiness will disappear. In the mean time, I wish you happiness, because with it, you won't feel his faults that much.

  9. Ah mumsy, I feel for you. You are not in the wrong and I want you to step back from this situation and let them get on with it - after all they are the ones creating it. Things obviously aren't so great in their neck of the woods or else they wouldn't lay so much importance on such trivial matters.
    Step back and breath xx

  10. You've already got some very thoughtful comments here.

    I hope you can find a way to let all of their stuff go, for your sake. Giving them any power over your emotional well-being at all is not going to be good for you.

    Hugs to you, and be gentle with yourself!


  11. Mumsy,

    I've been reading through some of the comments and Mari's really makes sense to me..Step back and take a deep breath...

    You can't change what others do, but you can change how you react, how you let them make you feel...

    Hugs to you..hoping you can find some sort of peace in this mess...



  12. It certainly sounds like you are in a tough situation. I hope somehow this works out.


  13. This must just be so exhausting.

    Try not to be drawn into their drama. It just becomes fuel for their cruelty, I'm certain.

    And sahem on them for involving children in an ugly battle such as this.

    Oh Mumsy....wish I could give you a big hug!

    In the meantime, though, please accept my thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday and let me give you a great big...


  14. Racism is an ugly thing, buit it is also an abused cry. If you are going to cry 'Racism!', it must be real. Relationships can be so hurtful. Try to keep your distance as much as you can Mumsy.


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