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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pray For Peace and Healing

The whole nation is in shock due to the shooting yesterday. What have become of our world when innocent people were killed randomly, especially when an innocent nine years old girl were taken at such a young age?

Judie at Rogue Artists wrote a post describing her frustrations, sadness, and devastation on this recent shooting.  She raised so many questions that I found hard to answer, and thought provoking to contemplate on.

Many of my blogging friends live in Arizona, and around Tucson.  To those, my sincere prayer, and sharing this sadness as it is a terrible ordeal for all of us! Our safety is at risk everywhere we go.

How did we get to this stage where guns are so widely used to kill just because someone is in disagreement with others? What can be done so this senseless killing stop? As of this morning news, there were six dead, and 13 wounded.

Let's all pull together to say a prayer for peace and healing. May those that are hurting find comfort and love from everyone around them, and also from all of us far away.

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  1. It is shocking, devastating, and so very sad. Prayers to all!

  2. I am 100% for the right to bear arms, and I have my carry permit because it is needed for safety. Obtaining a gun is easy these days, obtaining the permit to carry is least not where I live. It's the mind behind the gun that is at fault. It is that he wrote plenty of warning on a website hours before he did it. So why did nobody that read it respond? It's the same with the last school shooting, the kid put plenty of notice on his FB page of what he was planning yet nobody acted upon it? That is the part that really blows my mind.

  3. Beautifully said Mumsy. This is just heartbreaking. I can't believe that we have become so uncivilized that we cannot have disagreements without them becoming violent. My thoughts and prayers are with those poor families. And I pray everyday that this nation will learn to come together once again and work for the good of all. Kat

  4. It broke my heart, too. So very sad. It is hard to get things like this off of your mind. Genie

  5. Mumsy, when I was growing up, people did NOT walk around with automatic weapons like they do now. I fear for the children of today - the world has changed so much in just the past few years ...

  6. MUmsy:

    These things are not for our understanding.. But GOd makes all things to his Good..

    Our world is lost, and devoid of a meaningful relationship with Christ for many. SPeak up as a foloower and love everyone.. God has a plan!

  7. What a horrific event! I just can't imagine, as you said, what has happened to this world? The more I want to stay inside and hide!


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