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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

M is For Micracles

About five years ago, I threw in the towel of working as a manicurist.  This job came to me as my desperate attempt to survive the life of a single mom. After bouncing around from store to store every few months for three years, I had it!

I was miserable, physically and mentally, thus I walked out of my job on Christmas Eve when the owner stood in the middle of the shop yelling and accusing me for all sorts of things, even though I've helped her in whatever she needed such as translating, teaching her to knit, cleaning the store, etc.

Making money was great, and I was able to give my children a more comfortable life beside the child support of $130 for three kids a week from their father. However, emotional and mental abuses were as constant as my breathing. The money became unimportant and filthy in every sense since my brain was pleading for a rest.

After a month of cleansing my soul, I came to the church to register my youngest son for catechism, and found out that it would cost me $150 for him to complete the process.  Tears rolled out my eyes as I stood up to tell the director that I didn't have that kind of money to pay. She quickly took my hands, and worked out a comfortable payment plan that I could afford, just so my son could attend catechism.

As I walked by the altar of my church, I looked at the cross and murmured to my almighty God: "I did my part; I give you my life; now it's up to you!" After saying that, I felt completely at peace and went home to work on my budget.  As I was trying to figure out where to cut to come up with the money, my daughter came home from school and told me that her friends love my hand-knitted hats and scarves that I've made for her.

She introduced me to two of her friends that she brought home, and each of them purchased a pair of hat and scarf for themselves. Out of the blue, I made $80 bucks, more than enough to pay the catechism for three months!

The next day, I received a phone call from the Friend of the Court telling me that I would get a raise for Child Support after they had denied me for more than three years, and not just a little raise; it was a double raise, which brought my Child Support to $170 a week!

After I had time to put what happened into perspective, I couldn't help but tremble, and realized that these were the miracles from God that I've received.  What else could they be?

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  1. Wonderful ending Mumsy. But I was thinking did anything ever come that easy for you? You are amazing!

  2. Wonderful and they couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!

  3. Mums thank you for sharing such a post. Touched. Love the pictures as well. Blessings.

  4. I sometimes think that financial struggles are the absolute worst ever because they make everything else compile!

  5. What a beautiful story you told. Yep, even the birds of the field baby...Our Father will take care of us.

    This Ozark Farm Chick popped in thinkin' ya'll were another Mumsy. Great mistake 'cause I'd of missed this great story.

    God bless ya from the cold hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  6. This is the perfect example of how God does provide. :)

  7. You were really blessed. It is great to read about answers to prayers.

  8. Miracles do occur, each and every day. You are living proof my dear! God love you...I know I do!

  9. What wonderful news! You have definitely been blessed.


  10. If anyone deserves a little extra help from above, it's you sweetie..



  11. Well what wonderful blessings!

  12. This was a wonderful story...
    Our GOD is an awesome GOD...
    Blessings to you :)

  13. So happy to read this story had a good ending. You deserved more child support!! And you were right to walk out of a place where they were not treating you fairly. You are blessed Mumsy with a great spirit and great heart.

  14. You had to PAY the church! Sorry, but there is something seriously wrong with this picture! I taught confirmation classes for years, and they were FREE. Since when is there a charge for religion? Jesus wouldn't like this one bit!!

  15. Bravo to you for standing up to your boss and leaving bad working conditions. Hurrah for you meeting an understanding person at the church, and cheers for you getting a break from the court to raise your child support. Congrats, too, for selling your handcrafted wares. May you sell more, if that's what you want to do. Yes, all miracles, indeed.

  16. Serendipity or sorts - I love it when this happens, it fill me with faith just when i was running out.
    So pleased it worked out for you

  17. Life's full of Miracles and I'm glad you're receiving some of them. Great thing to share for M...

  18. So wonderful to know you are heard and loved! Beautiful miraculous tale to share.


  19. These are always the very best of miracles.

    I love this post, oh lovely Mumsy.

    Your determination to thrive is always an inspiration to me.

    You are magnificent.

    Thank you for linking.


  20. What a fantastic story; inspiring! I'm delighted that God is standing by you; honouring your decision to leave your job. Thank you for sharing this.


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