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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping Up For the New Year!

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
~Solomon Ibn Gabriol

One who understands much displays a greater simplicity of character than one who understands little.
~Alexander Chase

The man of wisdom is never of two minds;
the man of benevolence never worries;
the man of courage is never afraid.

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Destiny Came Beckon Me

On the 31 of December this 2011, my blog is exactly two years old! Two complete years! I have made writing out my Raw Thoughts and Feelings a goal, and I have pretty much stuck to it. I also share my love for nature photography a part of my blog.

As the year ends, I am taking stock of my accomplishments, and failures! So far, I have no regret with where this blog is heading.

I am not worried about social bookmarking sites, or writing for paid ad reviews. If I get it, I get it! If not, no big deal! To me, advertisers only concentrate on the big numbers of followers on blog, Facebook, or Twitter. They are however, not once realizing that it is just for show!

I don't like playing that game! I tried a few times, but really didn't like it. I prefer for people to follow my blog naturally, if they like what they see.

At the moment, I am struggling with this very sentence "you make your own destiny." That is a big bowl of crap! It is a shallow saying. It is a humongous stupid expression!

Destiny came beckon me, and I can't change it even when I want it to, or have a plan to change it. My plan is condemned, and apparently I have to draw on God for strength to take it. It becomes God's test that I have to endure. It becomes the cross that I have to carry since my life or my children's lives are not as precious as someone else's life.

I didn't want this destiny. I didn't ask for it! It just came and planted itself on me. Turning my life upside down, but I can't make my own destiny.

So as the year ends, the only thing I have left to celebrate is my blog's 2 years anniversary! Happy second birthday, blog!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Green Star

First, we decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments we already have

Homemade Craft Items

Then we work on making our very own glass ornaments, and other easy Christmas projects

Just Love

But most importantly, we allow LOVE to take center stage in our daily life!

Merry Christmas to All!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Saga Continues

The first week of Mother Fairy's arrival went by with lots of frustration on all the fairies in the land. The rush to find a home for her was urgent and tiresome. Mother Fairy showed no interest or a slight enthusiasm to move out on her own. Being alone was not something she could tolerate, not even the thought of it, but being around people she could not stand either.

It was the case of "you are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don't". There was no way of pleasing her. Mother Fairy needed constant company; however, she was incapable of getting along with companionship. She depended on her offspring to bend backward, forward, and upside down for her every whim.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pretty Light Pink Orchid-Like Flowers

Light Pink Orchid-Like Flowers
I do not know the name of these little light pink, orchid-like flowers! Some time I got too excited in just taking pictures that I didn't look for the name tag at all, and then I forgot about it once it was uploaded to the computer.

Pretty Baby Pink Color

As the weather changed, we no longer have beautiful blooming colors from the flowers, so I relied on my archives and pulled these ones up to share for weekend. I love this soft pink!

Orchid-Like Flowers

I hope you enjoy looking at these pretty little pink flowers, and have a great weekend! Christmas is so close now, and I am as busy as the elf!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

F Is For Fantasy

As vaguely as I remembered when coming home for the summer, I loved looking at the Sears catalog that my two older sisters brought home. That catalog was like a dream land for all the girls in my family and neighboring kids. We opened each page, and devoured slowly, carefully like having precious caviar!

Every single item in that book was treated with respect and drooling, from the stocking, shoes, dress, shirt, comb, to even personal hygiene products for females. Oh, the fantasy from those pages in the catalog was so beautiful, luscious, and mind boggling.

We couldn't get enough with those million items in the catalog. We had dreaming eyes, we wished so hard for just one item to appear, and turned us into a princess or a fairy even if it was for a split second. We played pretend with the tea sets and gorgeous dresses for girls. Imagination was at its best. Escaping from reality was manifesting as each day went on.

The Sears catalog had somewhat a magical power to transform our desperate situation, and like the "Calgon, take us away" sort of sentiment. The catalog was like a life jacket catching us from drowning. When we got tired playing with marbles and shells, the toy pages in this book became the center stage of our summer afternoon gathering.

After arriving to the US, I found the Sears Catalog was nothing more than ordinary. It had no magical effect, and offered very little imagination. I could actually walk to the store and feast my eyes or touch them all even if we couldn't afford to have them.

I watched my children growing up having things that once existed only on paper and in my fantasy!

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T-Mobile's LG DoublePlay

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.

LG DoublePlayI am super slow when it comes to new gadgets! It took me forever to learn to text using the QWERTY keyboard, and then it took me months to get used to my new touch phone. When they are making the LG DoublePlay™ , they must have thought about me to save my sanity.

This phone comes with dual customizable touch screen, and a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, plus Swype for easy texting purpose. It could work independently or in tandem with one another. Thus, multi-task is possible for web searching, checking emails, and texting simultaneously.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sprint Holiday Deals on Android

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

HTC EVO 4GI am slow as far as catching up with today gadgets. It took me years to finally getting text messaging service for our phones. If my kids did not pressure me on it, we probably would not even have text at all! These last few months, they also mentioned something about smart phones, which I replied "what is that", to their horror.

Our contract is up, and since having a family plan is a much cheaper alternative, we decided to stay together. Thus, my kids are trying their best to convince me switching to the 4G network. Let me tell you, it took them the entire week explaining everything about smart phones, 4G and 3G "thingy".

A New Chapter

Mother Fairy decided to play a new game, and that was to be mad at all her offspring for as long as she could hold out. She refused to talk to anyone, and wouldn't come inside her fairy children's dwelling. The game was on, and everyone played along with the intention to show Mother Fairy that it was her game, no one else!

In the land of fairy, the invisible fuel was very hostile and ready to burst into flame. They felt bad for the fairy son, who Mother Fairy chose to stay with. No one had a choice. She ruled. She picked who she wanted to stay with, or who she could manipulate.

The fairy children carried out their duties with her, and took her to pick out her own dwelling. It was best for her to have her own place, arranged how she wanted, or did whatever.

This charade went on for the entire week. If you peep into the fairy land, you would see the fairy children gasped for air, almost as if you would watch fishes in shallow water. Mother Fairy had no pity for them, or slightly felt for their suffering. Her happiness, wants and wishes, had to be on the top priority of everyone else's list!

July's wind arrived to find a permanent home, and brought with it destruction to lay the path!

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Secure Your Computer With Norton Product

This post brought to you by Norton Small Business by Symantec. All opinions are 100% mine.

NortonLogo_white.jpgMy work computer contains thousands of pictures that I took over the years, and also hundreds of articles that I've written for different websites. Having protection for this computer is my top priority always. My children are not even allowed to play online games or even watched YouTube if they use my computer.

This last September, Norton came out with the new Norton 360, and the Norton Internet Security 2012, which I was very happy to see. I rather pay the money to keep my computer safe from viruses and malware than to pull my hair out for losing all of my data.

Friday, December 9, 2011

One Heavy Branch of Little Pink Flowers

Beautiful Little Pink Flowers

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
- Andy Warhol

A Little Closer Look

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.
- Author unknown

Nothing But Flowers

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
- Lao Tse

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

E Is For Endowment

Parents of girls in Asia know that they must have some type of endowments for their female offspring. This could be one of the reasons why genders played such an important role in our society. The male family though  in our country must cover the cost of the entire wedding affair, not the female. So the endowment had to be for other reasons such as emergency or if something happened to the husbands.

The ancient thinking that female was useless passing down from generation to generation, and of course, it didn't escape my parents either. Since I was a handicapped, my parents prepared a different endowment for my future. There was no such thing as might be someone would marry me, but more like I would be taken care of by the wealth that my parents left to me should they happened to go before me.

My parents invested in real estates in two different local areas carrying the thought of me in mind. The houses that they bought or financed were meant to be for me later, and those houses would secure a place for me to live in, not on the street.

One of the houses located in a small town, right next to the Police station, and the front of it was rented out as an entertainment place for ping pong players. I remembered visiting this building, and I liked it very much. My parents told me that I could keep the business going as a way to cover my living expenses, and I wouldn't have to worry about security at all since the Police was right next door.

I never thought too much on this arrangement because it was depressing, and I was way too young to care or fully understood what the future would hold for me. My endowment was meant to keep me alive in case my parents passed on, but the deep dark wishes were for me to attract a foolish man with my wealth.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mother Fairy

As soon as Mother Fairy arrived, she threw a fit! She turned her back on the people that she has ridden on for her journey to her root. Accusations of this and that, all little, were unavoidable. She played her game well to draw pity and attention. Her fairy son knew not what to say or do. Her fairy daughters scattered in smoggy thoughts. Never can a solution be found for any situation!

They all saw this side of her before, many times, continuously all through their pathetic lives. Mother Fairy sat on a pedestal and pointed her fingers at the faults that others have committed against her thoughts and feelings. Moreover, her thoughts and feelings were never wrong! They were supreme!

Fairy son and daughters turned to deaf ears and blinded eyes. They left her be. It was only a few hours old since her arrival to play the begging game. Her residency was permanent and ongoing long into the future. It was no longer was a couple of weeks visitation.

The fairies stood together, and encouraged each other to not take part in her scheme for the sake of their future. They checked on her tantrum with kind words, and walked away without sacrifice oneself to make her happy.

Mother Fairy rolled herself down from the couch to the floor in a desperate attempt that someone in her kingdom would come and be her victim. The fairies came to look on her, but would not stick around or join in the game of deceiving and depriving others of joy. After realizing her defeat, Mother Fairy got up by herself, and brew a pot of new potions.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Flowers

Little Pink Flowers With Yellow Center

I saw these little pretty pink flowers, and they made me so happy. There were something about these flowers that my soul just jumped for joy.

Close Up of the Flower
My point and shoot camera, with only 7 megapixel did quite well when there was enough light. A touch of red and yellow center made the light pink petal stood out so pretty.

A Group Of Pink Flowers
This past week had been gloomy, with rain, snow, and wind so for me to see these beautiful pink flowers was a treat. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D Is For Disdaining

My destiny was set for me since I was only eight months old, but somehow I had a hand in turning it into a more productive and manageable life. Many people projected that I would be a beggar on the street, just because I had one imperfect leg and I was chosen. I learned to do many different things for myself. Despite their belief, I proved to them that I was capable of doing what I could do.

This, however was not enough for me to change the way they perceived my worth, and often got disdained or tossed aside without a care of how hurtful it was for me to experience. I was disregarded with lesser respect than a garbage bin. Even though I did not seek for approval from their shallow mind, it was painful to feel so invisible, and got stumped on time after time.

The most agonizing period in my life was when an acquaintance of my father played match-maker for my sisters. One was 19, and the other was 13. I was the 17 years old invalid middle girl that didn't even exist in his eyes. He could look at me straight in the face, but couldn't see me, and ignored me completely as if I was a ghost.

No, I was not jealous with my sisters, but I was disgusted with this man on his behavior! He would find single men to bring over to our house, and introduced them to my sisters even if I sat tall like a mountain in between the girls. He skipped over me without a glance of acknowledgement. I understood the prospect of finding a mate for my older sister, but disregarding me to jump to my 13 years old sister was totally inappropriate and insulting.

Working through this period of unworthy and hurtful feelings was the toughest time during my teenager years when people continued to despise my human being, and I desperately had to find ways to crawl out of the deep dark hole. I held a grudge over this man's head till this day when I saw him on occasion at family reunion. Yup, I did exactly what he did to me, looked at him straight in the face, said no single word, and ignored his presence without even an acknowledgement of courtesy.

Maybe I was not a bigger person than he was, but I wanted him to feel what it was like to be disdained, disrespected and dismissed. He showed no compassion toward me, therefore, the favor was returned mercilessly!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

July's Wind

July marked the beginning of changes. The wind stirred from Southern California and found its way to the North. Though the changes have been expected for quite a while, its sudden arrival still brought uncertainty and discomfort.

The flock of fairies have been talking, planning, advising, preparing, and getting everything ready to submerge with the changes.

But July's wind was a strong force of nature that no one could have been prepared enough for. Lives turned up-side-down. Love dried up. Endurance became the most precious resource to drill on. And silent, silent was golden, as a rule.

Mother Fairy has arrived to claim her power!

She had no care on what life she crushed, or toes she stepped on, or the damages afterward. Mother Fairy reigned in all her glory. She knew for sure that her flock of fairies would not dare to challenge her authority. It was the way it had been for a very long time. It was the natural law in which she entitled.

The attention, affection, and conversation had to be all about her. Anything else or any one else would cause  a riot. July's wind arrived, bringing with it the emotional turmoil and doomed spirit forever. She ruled!

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Fables and Fairies

A collection of story writing series using ambiguous language, and metamorphosis figures to avoid reality confrontation or hurtfulness.


--July's Wind (Chapter 1)

--Mother Fairy (Chapter 2)

--A New Chapter (Chapter 3)

--The Saga Continues (Chapter 4)

--Sleeping Over (Chapter 5)

--A Predicament Web (Chapter 6)

--The Consequence Of a Protected Bubble (Chapter 7)

--Changes In the Moon (Chapter 8)

--Moving Stones (Chapter 9)

--The Contradiction Tug (Chapter 10)

--The Unconventional Theory (Chapter 11)

--The Way It Was and Is (Chapter 12)

--Generations' Curse (Chapter 13)

--Misery Loves Companies (Chapter 14)

--She Talks (Chapter 15)

--She Prays (Chapter 16)

--The Copycat Symptom (Chapter 17) Registered & Protected

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Camellia Flower

Pink Camellia

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
- Anatole France

Inside the Flower

Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.
- Bill Blackman

Macro of the Heart of Camellia

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.
- John Quincy Adams

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Gather

A basket of fruits

A tray of fresh vegetables
~Happy Thanksgiving 2011~

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Manage Your Picture Storage Space On Blogger

Do you know that Blogger allows you only a limited picture storage space? I didn't know that until I read it on other blog, and in Blogger's forum. I used to upload my photos in their own original sizes, but since I don't want to pay extra money to upgrade my picture storage space; I have to go in my Picasa account and resize all my photos.

It was a tedious job, and it took me a couple of days, but I got all my pictures resized! The allowed storage space for photos in Blogger is 1024 MB. If you go over this limit, you will have to buy more storage space. It required a technology lawyer to understand all the small print or terms and conditions that they imposed.

According to the forum conversation, if you resize your horizontal photo to 800 by 600, and your vertical photo to 600 by 800, then this won't count against your storage space. Well, at least it would take a long time for you to reach that point if you plan on blogging.

All you have to do is using your photo editor and adjust the height or width of your pictures to 800 by 600, or vice versa. Save them before uploading them on to your post.

The best advantages for smaller size photos are below:
  1. The photos will load much faster on to your blogger account.
  2. Your blog overall will also load much quicker, which means your viewers will not close out your page for waiting too long
  3. You will save money from having to upgrade
  4. Loading time and bounce rate counted in your Alexa ranking, and also in your Google Analytics
  5. Preserve your photo storage space for future posts
I hope you find this helpful!

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