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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plain and Simple

The worst thing after I wrote a post pouring my heart out, and thought that I've conveyed my feelings clearly, was that people took it into some new direction that I've not dreamed off.  At times, it made me look at a new perspective, but at times, it just angered me more than the situation itself.

I guess I've failed in expressing my opinions, and I've somehow misled my readers into thinking that I want to win over a certain circumstance.  No, I don't want to win!  I just want fairness and justiceI just want people to stop stepping on me and think they have a right to it!  That's all!

If you failed to see that, than I have failed in my writing and my ability to express.  I don't have an outlet where I could communicate my feelings, so I have this blog to do my best, hoping someone could understand how I feel about things, or sharing the same situation as I am.

As Raw as my blog has been, there are still things that I can't say out loud here!  It would cause an uproar if I could just bring myself to "spit it out".  I haven't found a way to tactfully addressing it yet, but one day I hope I would and I could do just so.  Write it as raw as I could, and stop beating around the bushes..

Back to my last post about my son's birthday, just because I asked the X to pick up the expenses this year, he thought that he had the right to bring his "current bedmate" to the party.  If my son invites this "black cloud" then I would have nothing to say about it.  It would be his choice!  However, my son is terribly uncomfortable with his dad's new toy!

In short, it's my turf!  I carve out this space after the divorce 10 years ago.  I moved 200 miles away from the X's to have my own world.  All I'm asking is to give me my space!!!!!!!

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  1. Once in a while I write a post and am shocked by people's take on it. It's a fine balance taking it as it comes since we are after all putting ourselves out there. Love the pictures!

  2. Mumsy dear...this is YOUR blog. Do not ever be afraid to state your true feelings about any given issue. Who are we to say whether your feelings are valid, after all they are YOUR feelings. not ours. Personally, I believe you are one of my most courageous cyber friends and pray that NO ONE ever silences the voice you have found. God bless you!

  3. I so understand how you feel about this. I am so happy for people who get along with ex's well...however, all of us don't and can't. It depends on the situation. Hang in there!

    Carol-the gardener

  4. Mumsy sometime people read between the lines. I think you do a great job of expressing, and I do believe I get what your saying. I never read you are trying to win. Whenever you decide it is time to spit out what you want, I will be here to read it.

  5. Don't let them get to you. Some people feel they would react in a different way, though put in the situation would probably do just the same. I understand your situation all too well!

  6. I think you're just trying to do what is right for your son.

  7. I think you have the rght to want your own space. I also would want to protect my children from the flavor of the month club also. If ever divorced I would hope not only myself but my husband would be very serious with that person before they ever wanted to introduce the new person to the kids.

    Why mess up our kids?

    Divorce is hard enough without flavors of the month.

  8. found you on pouring your heart out.
    you have the right to say what you want and feel the way you want
    its great when ex's can get along, but it doesnt always work out that way, you have every right to want your space. your son has every right to see his father as well but if he doesnt feel comfortable with the new flavor then he shouldnt have to deal with that.
    Keep strong!

  9. Hmmm...I'm new to your blog. I'm still making my way through the PYHO posts from Wedensday. I think I may need to dig a little deeper to see what's been going on here. But as far as this post goes, you should be able to have your space respected. I hope his party works out to be a fun day for him and you!

  10. why did your x go to the party? I never invited my x to any of my children party, nor did he think he had any right to come or anyone invited him without my knowing. He did not attend until I knew he was civilized, which took 10 years, and it was at a high school graduation. Sorry I am logged in as Blogger Broadcast, just couldn't help but commented.
    As the other part about your writing, I feel for you. Just be Raw, it's ok. What the hell... We are getting older and if that is what you want to say before leaving this earth, go right ahead.


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