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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

J Is For Jab

The day after my sister flatly assisted her daughter in knock-out helping me, I went to see my lawyer after I dropped my son off at school.  I asked him to change the time, and he kept telling it wouldn't be a good idea.  So I sat there, quiet, as tears just rolled out of my eyes.  He asked if my family could help me, and I snapped, "I don't have any!"

Seeing how terrible I felt, he told me he would try to call the court to re-schedule, but if he couldn't then we would just bring my son with us to court, and one of his office assistants would watch over him. I walked out of his office felt like SHiTTakee!!  Literally like SHiTTakee...

A thousand thorns have pinched every inches of my being, and I wondered why for certain people a little distance, a little cost for fuel, and a little early waking up would be such a big thing, in such an important situation?

If someone asks me for help, the first thing that would cross my mind was to help them!  I wouldn't response in thinking of distance, cost, or time, or burden, but I would response if I am capable of helping. My mind couldn't calculate that fast, and naturally, my heart couldn't response in cruelty when someone was asking me for help!

I have done whatever my sister has asked me to do, big or small, I did them.  I always responded with a yes, even when I didn't like it, or when it was not convenience for me.  I couldn't say no, because we were family and family suppose to help each other out. It should have been that way, especially on the day I had to go to court.

Besides the horrid nightmare of bankruptcy, I experienced the pain of feeling so isolated and alone.  Yes, every day after that day I still faced my sister, acted like nothing happened, or that I was disgusted, hurt, and echoed her words over in my head for a long time.

Everything was dandy, and everything did.  My lawyer got the court time to change to 11:00 on the same day...

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  1. ((((Mumsy)))) Glad some things worked out.

  2. Grrrr...I say Karma Mumsy, Karma is a bitchoski!

  3. I still don't get her not helping.
    Glad it worked out.

  4. People never cease to amaze me. I'm glad that things worked out, no help and feeling isolated is a very difficult place to be, Mumsy. You are a strong and capable woman!

    Hang in there...

  5. I thought shitakees were mushrooms?

    Anyway it sounds as though it worked out for the best , I hope.

  6. Hope the future holds nothing but promise for you.
    Good Wishes being sent your way.

  7. I am so sorry to hear. I hope you life will take a turn around for the better.

  8. It's hard to be let down by anyone, but especially hard when it's a family member.

    Sorry, Mumsy.

    But glad that you managed to come through it anyway.


  9. Your sister makes me want to say Mozambique!

    I am still annoyed at your family from the last post.

    It's sad, really, how nice people get trampled so often.

    What a battle to try to salvage your life...but you have never been short of courage as long as I've been reading your blog!

    Thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.


  10. Mumsy, if you lived in Tucson, or even Phoenix, I would have been glad to help you out!!!!!
    Scrape 'um off! I think I've said that before.

  11. JUST take a deep breath and move on. Karma kicks butt....

  12. I'm glad the lawyer changed the time but I would not be so good as you Mumsy. I would give the sister a piece of my mind!!!

  13. I feel your pain and I hope it passes soon. I hope, for your sister's sake, one day she sees the error of her ways and says she's sorry but that doens't always happen I'm afraid.
    Big hugs

  14. the image of seeing you in the office with tears is terrible. I don't like saying "sorry" it happened, so I hope life will bring you better memories. I wonder how much a person can take? I take a lot with my mom, so I think I understand about jab, and disappointment. It's terrible when you feel let down - even just by humanity- let alone family.


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