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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Counting Down

We had a busy, busy week around here!  Our Christmas started as soon as my mother arrived from out of state! There were many meals to cook, and companies to entertain, plus constant cleaning.

It was hectic, but it is also our tradition and custom. We had fun whenever we can, playing board games, speed scrabble, and of course, XBox.  Then right after Christmas mass, my mother was ill with fever and chill. To top it all of, two of my kids got sick also the day after.

As soon as the first round of sickness calmed down; the second round of flu/cold began! I could pull my hair out, but worry about being bald! With this rate, I am afraid this sickness will keep passing around for a while in our house, until everyone gets well at the same time!

Well, we still have a few days left before the New Year, so let just hope that I'm strong enough to escape this wrath of winter!

Thanks for being here!


  1. Oh dear, Mumsy! Hope everyone in your household has a speedy recovery! Stay well and may your hair remain intact!

  2. I hope everyone starts feeling better. Try to have a Happy New Year.

  3. I wish you good health and much happiness in the year to come dearest Mumsy.

  4. It doesn't sound like it is relaxing but definitely busy and hectic.

  5. I am glad you survived the flu, now to survive the "wrath" of winter. lol


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