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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ending The Twisted Tale

I am now no longer carrying his notes with me, and they are once again buried.  The thought of sending this back to him have many times crossed my mind, and I'm still contemplated on this issue.  This man clearly didn't exist! That beautiful soul died prematurely just when it was about to bloom!

When I told my cousin, who had relayed the bad news to me, that he didn't even remember who I was, she was speechless.  To her, our little summer love was such a beautiful thing that no one should have forgotten about it, left alone the main character of a love story! It was disappointing for her to hear "it didn't mean anything!"  Romantic souls like us only exist in romance novels.

I also told her that I've talked to the "priest man" once, and that was it!  I would not call him again.  If something ever happened to him, she would be the person to tell me the bad news!  Thirty three years went by, and were now merely strangers or worst than strangers since we couldn't even talk to each other as naturally as strangers.

I do believe things happened for a reason, and whether I like that reason or know the reason or not, it didn't matter at the end.  What happened, happened!  And I survived it all!

The universe wanted me to know where he lives, and that he has cancer, but I don't know what to do with that information.  I called him, talked to him, and then disappeared out of his life again.  I am not going to try to figure out anymore.  I have lived more than half of my life without him, not knowing anything about him all these years, so the rest of life is going to be fine without him too.  Is that what I am supposed to do?

If it is so, let it be so...

I'm literally taking these memes Pour Your Heart Out to the max!

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  1. Sometimes the journey is so hard, but at the end, it is exactly as it was meant to be.

  2. What you are doing "letting it all out" will be good for you. It is never good or healthy to keep things bottled up inside. As you say, we do not always understand the whys or wheres. bu things have a way of turning out for the best. You are stronger than you realize and a better life is coming. Work at it.

  3. I agree, it's when we purge the thoughts from our minds, that we find some peace. I think it's why blogging is so popular.

  4. blogging is a wonderful way to release steam. it is just as it is supposed to be. i think his development stopped before it truly began.

  5. You might not be able to forget him completely, but by writing about all that happened, I think it will make the memory less sad as time progresses.

  6. Amazing story Mumsy! Yes this is the way it is meant to be! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  7. Is this karma? or it is a sad thing that god lost such a devoted soul. I can't decide.


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