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Friday, November 26, 2010

Blanket Flowers Still In Bloom

Vibrant Blanket Flower

I went to visit my dad's grave two days before Thanksgiving, and saw these blanket flowers still in their blooming stage, despite the weather of sheer cold, rain and wind.

Side-way Look to Blanket Flower

I couldn't believe my eyes to see such beautiful and vibrant colors stood so strong when it is near the end of November.  The plant was about 12 inches in height, but the flowers were big.

Deep Red and Yellow Blanket Blanket

It was so cold out there, and I could barely stand still for more than five minutes before heading back into the warm of my car.  It is amazing to know these flowers can survive for so long after the summer was gone. Registered & Protected


  1. They are lovely and so precious at this season. It's amazing how much we learn about flowers and plants through photography. Without this we would never pay attention to a poor flower standing in the rain.
    You took some great photos of them.

  2. Those are beautiful! I love how bright they are.

  3. It is amazing how these survive in any kind of weather and still look so vibrant and beautiful.

  4. Mine shriveled up long ago. We need some pretty colors the last few days.

  5. Simply gorgeous! I love the colors combination.

  6. I am amazed they are still blooming, with all the cold weather! They are beautiful, though, and so very welcome!


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