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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wild White Asters

Collage of Wild White Asters

This is the best time of the year to see these beautiful white asters.  They grow in abundant everywhere around here, and attracting bees like magnet!  I find them in the grass, along the side of the fence, border of a wooded area, and along the shore line!

Wild Asters

Some hearts of the flowers are all yellow, and some are totally red!  In some area, there are also asters in lavender color too. I love these flowers since they weather the cold and wind very well.  Though little in size, these asters are very beautiful to see. Registered & Protected


  1. What beautiful little flowers! It's funny that they bloom in the autumn, because they look so fresh and "springy". Love the ones with the red centers. Thanks for sharing such happy pictures. Kat

  2. I have seen those around here as well. You have more and they make for a better picture. Very pretty.

  3. I haven't seen the red heart until now. Love it. They are really such pretty flowers and I love your mosaic.

  4. I like how you displayed these. Very pretty.

  5. such a summery shot, love the variety in the heart colours

  6. I love them too, they are the last beauties, still holding in colder weather too.
    Lovely photos and share on Macro flowers Saturday.
    Have a sunny weekend!

  7. This is the first time I see an aster with red middle :) very lovely

  8. Those are super pretty shots. Have a great weekend Mumsy...getting chilly here in South Carolina.

  9. Now that you mention it, those tiny white asters do have different colours in the centre! And I had not even noticed!! Thank you for pointing that out! My favourites are the shots that show the whole cluster!

  10. I love your asters. I posted some lavender ones for my Mosaic Monday....I almost stepped on them as I was getting into my car on Friday. Sorry I was off the radar last week. We were testing all week at school and was just toooooo tired to get online when I got home. Hope this week will be more normal. Thanks for your continued visits.

  11. I think you should submit this post for tomorrow's mosaic as well. The white asters are beautiful, especially the one with the pink middle.

  12. Gorgeous collage of these beautiful flowers!

  13. Lovely flowers. I've been seeing them too.


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