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Thursday, October 28, 2010

F is For Faith

I have faith, and you have faith! Faith is the only invisible force that keep us moving forward when everything else around us failed.  Faith doesn't mean you have to be religious. Different people have different ways of translating the meaning of faith.  My faith though, is place in the hands of God.

I was raise up Catholic, traditional Catholic, so that is the only thing I know. I believe in God, but at time it is also shaky!  When I'm hit with too many troubles, I doubt my faith. I have a hard time presenting myself in front of "him". In other words, bringing myself to church! My faith is like a yo yo.

It doesn't mean that I'm not grateful.  In fact, I do! When I see pretty flower, beautiful colors in the sky, or just a rain drop on the plant, I thought of the amazing beauties in this world that God gives me.  Faith is the only thing that is fluctuated. Faith is also what I have left to hold on!

Crazy isn't it? I want to believe without questions and doubts.  I want to place my faith in God's completely and totally.  I want to live in a world that is less troubles, head ache, and miseries. However, that's not the reality. People around me are suffering and homeless rises in great numbers.

I see innocent and good people constantly got deal with bad luck or unfortunate mayhem.  It is hard for me to keep the faith steady.  I find myself praying for mercy all the time.  Often, I sound like a broken record.  If I'm not praying for myself, I pray for others who face enormous challenges.

In the end, faith keeps us sane! Prayer gives us hope! Having something to believe in is better than nothing. Just like we believed in Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy when we were children, but having faith in God isn't like that. So how do you practice your faith without doubts?

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  1. Keep the FAITH! Allow God to work in your life and He will! We are all so FORTUNATE!
    Happy F Day!

  2. I am like you. I believe and have faith in God, but it gets shaky. I know I am not supposed to question him, but I find myself screaming "Why are you screwing w/ me?" sometimes. Should I do it? NOPE, but I do, and I'm sorry that I do....but I lose patience a lot and easily. These past 2 months I've screamed it a lot.

  3. I'm not sure I could keep the faith without doubts. I'm only human. Very human! :)

  4. I have the same issues with faith sometimes. It's hard to see all the suffering around us and not wonder why God can allow these things to happen.

    Thoughtful post..

  5. I think doubts are good. They challenge us to really think about what we believe and cause us to search in His word for the answers. I think they cause us to dig deeper.

  6. I almost did my post on faith, too!

    Glad that you are holding on to yours, through thick and thin. (I am doing the same.)

    What else is there?


  7. We all have more doubts than faith. Trust me you are not alone in your feelings. We just have to trust and make the best of each day. Things usually work out if it is HIS will.

  8. Mumsy, I doubt my faith constantly, but it is rejuvenated when I see the beauty of nature!

  9. faith is such a gift! my post was also about my journey of faith. the miracles I am witnessing in my life only embolden the faith within. God bless you Mumsy...did you know that there were times when even Mother Theresa doubted?

  10. I believe deep down in my gut that God says what he means in His Word and that we are proned to walk contrary to Him all the time because of sin. My faith always requires repentance for the things I have done wrong or the things I haven't done at all . Sometimes it's an exercise in futility because I have no love or feelings for God and I know it's because of my lack of prayer. Sin affects our communication with God and I sin a lot more than I pray . I should probably pray more but anyways to answer your question ; I try to think about God all the time; like his name and/or law is written on my forehead .

  11. You're sweet Mumsy. That is true, and I don't know how you do it. You're fantastic. I wondered sometimes how loud I would scream or how miserable I would be if I had to bear the cross like you have.

  12. Without doubts? I don't. Perhaps, that's why they call it "practice."

  13. Struggles and hardship aren't my big barriers to faith. Apathy is! When times are tough or downright nasty, I hold tight to God my rock and my fortress. When times are good and uplifting, I fly with God the creator of the universe. When times are just plain ordinary, I let things slide all to quickly :(

  14. Mumsy. What a simple and lovely link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Faith is something I struggle with. I think often, for me, it's a control issue. It's hard for me to let anyone else be in the drivers seat and that is really what Faith feels like to me.

    You gave me some things to ponder here and I appreciate that.

    And I appreciate you linking such an honest post this week.

    Thank you for that.


  15. Faith is both fragile and strong. Your post deals with it honestly. What more can you ask?


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