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Thursday, October 21, 2010

E is For Extraordinary

After my divorce some 10 moons ago, I found an amazing group of women through my odd and end jobs!  These are extraordinary women, who despite their situation and life troubles, climbed out of horrible despair!

Through their courageous experiences and encouragement, I found the strength needed to go through my turmoils. Every little tip or story that they've shared with me, was a push in my way to get over the heart ache of broken promises and a miserable 22 years marriage.  I've come to admire women much more, and in a deeper sense than I've ever imagine!

These women were more than heroes to me, better than gorgeous and rich celebrities.  These women were real, living a life that closer to mine, and dealing with many scraps that they were handed.  They were single mothers!  They survived an abusive relationship!  They got out with nothing in their name, and started a new life from the absolute zero.

These are extraordinary women!  They are all around you if you ever need to look for inspiration and courage.  Women are much stronger now, and they will survive anything that life throws at them.

Through the first few years of the divorce, I stood strong through the support of these women, who came to get their nails done even when they didn't need a manicure.  They came to make sure that I would make enough money to feed my kids, or just lent an ear to my worries and frustrations.

These were the extraordinary women in my world who once lived in my shoes.  I have a couple of friends now that were at the verge of a break down, and I wanted to be there for them like these extraordinary women that came into my life.  I want to be supportive, be there, encouraging, and inspiring.  I want to be an extraordinary woman who lifts up others!!!

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  1. what a blessed woman you are to have such women in your life.

    It's great that you are now able to help others because of the help you got!

  2. It's wonderful how women club together in times of need and this cancels out all the bitching, the catfights and the nastiness we are also capable of in younger years.
    We're a good bunch and I'm so happy to hear you're in a good place now and ready to pass on the magic

  3. It's always good to find that kind of support. Good for you!

  4. I know some pretty extraordinary women myself. Women seem way more supportive of each other than men do. We are lucky!!

  5. I feel that way about the blog world I have discovered. A group of extraordinary women (for the most part, there are few guys out there too) who are almost always supportive and compassionate.

  6. thank you for your very thought provoking and encouraging post today. take care, Judith

  7. Sisterhood is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I have a feeling that you are a great support in the lives of your friends.


  8. You have amazing woman in your life. I too have been blessed with great girlfriends that stick with me through thick and thin.

  9. Amen, Sister! I agree with you wholeheartedly. No doubt you are an extraordinary person yourself.
    Peace and joy,
    Su-sieee! Mac

  10. What would we all do in life without these kinds of support networks? It sounds like you had an amazing group of friends.
    I love the "pay it forward" that comes with wanting to make others feel as good as those ladies made you feel.
    Great Post.
    Just stopping by for Alphabe-Thursday.

  11. It is so wonderful to have a support network of women!

  12. You are a lot stronger than you realize. You have had your share of trouble, but as a result come out a better person with more friends. There is good in everything. Sometime it just takes longer to find it.

  13. You are pretty extraordinary yourself! I would not want to live a day without the wonderful network of women friends I have come to know and love - they are essential to our sanity.

  14. So glad to read that these women were there to offer support and encouragement. YOU are an extraordinary woman.

  15. I have a hard time making (deep) friendships with other women. I appreciate your insight into how fulfilling those relationships can be. I do so enjoy meeting other women through their blogs...thanks for sharing and happy A-T.

  16. Other women are the best. Husbands come and go but women friends are forever. I'm glad your paying it forward.

  17. here's to all the extraordinary women in our lives (for me it is my sisters).

  18. So happy you found that group Mumsy! After the birth of my second son, I found a wonderful support group of Moms really helped me get through my post pardum. and trial and tribulations I was feeling at that time.

  19. Nails?!? Nails!?! I hate to be all shallow here but man, I need a pedicure.

    On a more serious (but less urgent) note...It's funny how life steers the right people to us when we need them in our life. If we are willing and able to open our hearts there is so much help in the world.

    Thanks for an uplifting and lovely link to Alphabe-Thursday.


  20. Sorry I am always the last one to make comments, but I think it's fantastic that you can feel this way.


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