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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C is For Chest

I had flat-chest! There, I admitted without feeling bad about it!  Growing up as a teenager without having those bumps was not funny at all, especially when I was already 16. I saw boys looking straight at my chest and then walked away shaking their heads. It wasn't like I wanted to have a relationship with them or anything like that.  It was the kind of look that gave the girl confident.

Once, I even heard a boy telling his friends, "Forget it! She has no chest". Well, that didn't do any good to my self-image.  I went through a short time stuffing my bra with whatever available, and found this act as a cover-up!  I didn't like being label flat-chest. I didn't like how the boys were looking at me, but stuffing my bra was not an answer!

Flat chest and big chest shared the same problem pretty much.  One of my closest friends in the orphanage inherited a huge pair of those babies!  She went through torment with the nuns for all kind of unimaginable accusations.  She cried many times.  She mummified her breasts in hoping that they would stop growing.

After she turned 15, her breasts just burst out over night bringing on so much uninvited attention. While she tried to hide her chest, I was nowhere near developed! Watching my friend went through the shame of having big breasts, I felt so bad for her.  I helped wrap her breasts in bondage at night, and worried that she wouldn't be able to breathe.

The nuns believed that she allowed boys to play with her breasts, and that was the reason why they became so big. I knew it wasn't true, because I had never seen my friend with a boy! It was impossible for boys and girls to interact without supervision in the orphanage!

While I was teased with having a flat chest, my friend had to put up with defending her big chest. We lived in a world where nothing out of the ordinary was accepted. Either way we were condemned! Once I realized that, I didn't stuff my bra any more, and just be contented with my flat chest...

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  1. You want to hear something sad. I had a flat chest all my life. And now peri-menopause (with the help of gravity and 49 years upon this earth) is making what little I do have droop!

  2. I was on the flat side when I was young and now (after nursing four kids and a heap of after 50 weight gain), I am on the busty side.

    To be honest, I liked flat better. The big ones get in the way and weigh you down!


    PS. Those nuns sound mean!

  3. I really didn't know anyone of my friends growing up who was happy with the way their bodies looked! What is it about our society that our young women feel this way?

  4. I'll take flat anyday compared to what it sounds like your friend went through!
    A happy medium would be fine with me...or even a perky medium!
    Enjoy your day! Fun post!
    I agree...those nuns sound mean!

  5. You figured out something early on that it can take a long time to learn.

  6. I'm in agreement, it is sad that most of us are dissatisfied with how our bodies look, and were so when we were first developing. Though my chest is headed further south each day, I'm thankful to have the ability to feed my 6 month old son, which is the reason God created 'em in the first place! Great post!

  7. Sorry to hear you and your friend had to deal with such meaness from others about such a normal part of life! I hope it only made both of you all the stronger. I've always been more on the flat side. Except now, being in menopause and overweight I have bigger breasts. I would take my normal small chested smaller size body back in a heartbeat!

  8. First....the NUNS RULED...THEIR WORD WAS NOT TO BE QUESTIONED...been there and done that...I was sent to boarding school with Dominican nuns. This time they got it WRONG! I still try to squish in my I wish they would dry up and do away...not much hope of that. I can relate to both of you all growing up because I started out flat chested and did not like that either. Then the 3 children eliminated that problem but gave me another one. Sometimes the grass is NOT greener on the other side!
    Hugs, Genie

  9. Chest size seems such a trivial thing, but when we are young things can take on monumental proportions. I used to be self conscious about small breasts even though I breastfed three of my children but when I started taking turmeric for my arthritis pain I outgrew all my bras. Who would have thought?

  10. I was always on the small side. Now that I'm older, I am glad for that!

  11. Women have a tough time at least mens attributes are hidden

  12. Big or small, I don't think anyone is happy with their size. Too bad we don't realize that when your young.

  13. Their is definitely some cruelty in childhood. Some of those stories are just horrifying.

  14. Self acceptance. Such a difficult thing to learn at any age.

    Someone in our family was quite flat but said she was tired of being 'intimidated' by all of us with big chests. I always thought it would have been easier to have much less.

    I think the trick is just being happy with who we are.

    Thanks for this thoughtful link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    You are so philosophical.


  15. It's funny to think of the things that occupy us as children. And adults.


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