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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yours Truly

One of my closest friends told me about her flirting relationship with a man. When she confessed his name, I was just about to fall out of my chair. She said, he came to visit her at work, and they talked everyday on the phone. I didn't say anything, but felt the sharp pain. Yes, he broke up with me to follow his calling, and yes, he still wanted to have another relationship with other women. Nothing was more painful than his last blow!

He was young and indecisive! He needed to test out his options, getting his feet wet, and finding his way. I understood that, but to tell me not to feel anything was impossible to do. He was a disgusting figure in my mind for not being honorable. To get through this pain, I picked up bad habits of smoking and drinking.

I was exhausted during the day with school and jobs. By the time I got home, I mixed Coca Cola with Whiskey and knocked myself out until the next day! Different nights, different drinks! Another day ended, another day began! I didn't have time to go out any where, just work and school, and dealing with my own emotional turmoil. Before me there was another girl in his life, and after me there was my friend in his life! I was not the only girl in his life as he said!

Then faith had it in for us, we were connected again through our jobs. He worked at a Social Services office, and I worked at Rental Complex for Minorities. We often had to phone each other for information on our clients before we could approve their cases. It was all business and it was always brief! It was now three years later after we said our last good-bye!

During this time, I allowed a fellow office colleague to come closer! I tried to find the best traits in this man and concentrated on building a relationship with him. It worked for almost three weeks. We started very slow by just having lunch together, and talked on the phone after work. This new man seemed very sincere and honest with his intention, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to settle down.

Then HE called to say good-bye for good. He would leave for Italy to study for priesthood once and for all. On the day of his scheduled departure, I kissed my office colleague while I heard the airplane overhead...

I'm literally taking these memes Pour Your Heart Out, and Walk Down Memory Lane to the max!

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  1. Good one Mumsy...not the smokes and alcohol party though.

  2. Mumsy, the more I hear about him the angrier I get at him. He whole body is not worth your little finger!

  3. I've written this before, but I'll say it again - your life is like a story out of a book!

  4. I don't know if god should forgive this man. It is one thing that he deceived you and told you that you were the first, but to have one before and one after. And that you knew of. Secondly, he supposedly gave himself to the church! Wow...

  5. Flirting with someone else- oh, how that must have hurt.

  6. Wow - this was good stuff... what a writer you are.

  7. oh what a story you share with us each week! I can only imagine what you were going through at that time in your life!

  8. That must have hurt to have him flirt with someone else! No matter what the reason.

  9. Heartbreak for you back then...hope that you have found someone to love and support and share moments full of good memories.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  10. what a life... GOD BLESS..... wish i had your courage... :( feel so limp reading your lines...


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