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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainbow Colors-Violet

A mysterious letter arrives at Vince's house a month after he last saw Lil. He can sense something endearing about it, but also trembles with the bad news it radiates. The envelope is in violet color, and the only person he knows like this color is Lil.

Vince opens the letter carefully and slowly as if he is in no rush to know what is inside, or to end the joy of receiving Lil's letter. His heart leaps and bounces. His eyes swell with tears waiting on the verge of dropping down on his cheeks. The bad news hit with very few words, and in Lil's hand writing.

"Dear Vince,

If you are reading and holding this letter, please know that I've gone to a better place.

I'll wait for you on the other side, and this time you are mine! No more excuses or reasons...

Love always,


Vince drops down on the couch. Her letter is short, straight to the point, and offers no information on which he needs to know. His mind is full of questions. He wants to understand what happened. He wants to know why, and a whole lot more. It is easy to just accept, but Vince can't. He wants answers and he wants to understand.

After a few days of searching through local obituary newspapers, Vince finds out that Lil suffered a brain tumor the size of a pear. She passed away in a private hospice, exactly a month after she came back from the trip. Vince drives to the nearest river, then breaks down and cries like a baby. He also find out where Lil is buried and his heart is tugging.

Vince chooses to act this time, and not to think about anything or anyone. He hops into the car and makes the distance to visit his beloved's grave. Again, he weeps as soon as he sees her grave. He asks "Why, Lil? Why?"

He plants a row of violet flowers, in violet color, at the feet of Lil's grave. Vince wants her to see her favorite flowers whenever she opens her eyes...

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  1. I have goose bumps. How sad. Poor Vince!

  2. Poor Vince and Lil. A sad, love lost story.

  3. Such a sad story of unrequited love. I love the last image. Kat

  4. That's just too sad!! But a great reminder to do what you want to do today, because there may not be a tomorrow. Seize the day!!

    The purple orchids are beautiful.


  5. a very well written conclusion to one of the saddest love stories I've read in a long done. Thank you Mumsy, for sharing your talent with us.

  6. Vince is truly a special man. Glad she will see the special flowers he selected.

  7. What a great ending with the planting of the violets. Good job. Loved it.

  8. Oh no! Oh no! Unrequited love. His pain must be unbearable.

    What a poignant ending to this tale.

    Thank you for telling it to us during our little journey through Rainbow Summer School.

    Your violet post was lovely.


  9. What a sad love but beautiful love story.


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