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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainbow Colors-Indigo

The wheels slowly pull out of the parking lot as tear drops roll down on Lil's cheeks! She leaves her beloved man in the restaurant without saying anything. It is better that way, Lil thought! Just quietly walk away. Words are not needed as moment like this.

Lil knows that she needs to put all of these feelings away before she reaches home. She has done this "clean sweep" so many times but it is hard somehow this time. Her mind and body are tired. Her spirit is low. Her enthusiastic about life is drained. Lil just wants to curl up and sleeps right there on the road.

The doctor's voice echo in her head, "Enjoy your life as much as you can, no regrets..." Lil has done just that, carrying out routines and responsibilities as normal. No one knows that she is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

Her time is coming! Lil knows, since a smile would take a tremendous effort just to do! She feels weak and out of energy on most days. She has no worries. The children have grown and out on their own. Lil's husband has his own path, independent, and separate life. Nothing really can hold her back anymore.

Lil has pre-arranged for her final days, from hospital to funeral. Everything is taken care of, and no one needs to lift a finger. She came into this world alone, and she chooses to exit alone. Each loved one will receive a letter when it is all over. Lil is happy with the arrangements. No regrets. No bitterness.

Lil knows this would be the last time that she ever sees Vince, and realizes how hard it is to push him back from her thoughts. It is like the last indulgence that she would ever do in her life, and she lingers on with his smile, the way he looks, the way he smells, and the way he is with her. There is no rush for her to re-organize her feelings. As she drives away, Lil decides to hold on to Vince until her last breath ...

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  1. Pretty deep short story here...I love it, I want to read more:)

  2. Oh what a twist! Poor Lil and her unrequited love. Run to Vince,!

  3. oh .... so sad ... and it suits indigo ...

  4. I like this story! More! More please! Great shot of indigo! Anne

  5. Time's running out need Vince in your life now more than ever.

  6. This is so sad, but you do an excellent job of creating a specific mood.


  7. You've developed this story beautifully Mumsy. What a tragic twist you've given it though. I hope that Lil chooses to live the rest of her life to it's fullest! Kat

  8. Wow, this took an especially dark turn. Is the story over? I guess I'll find out next week.

  9. This story's mood is definitely indigo.

    Well done!


  10. Thanks, for stopping by and commenting on my story. It is nice to meet another Mumsy.

    I see you are among the great writers I have met here since starting my blog. I enjoyed reading your sad but very good story. Hugs

  11. I didn't expect this. I thought she was going home to an unsuspecting husband. I didn't realize she was sick.

  12. Such a sad story! I hope Lil chooses to embrace joy as long and as fully as she can!

  13. Heart rending, and a reminder that now is everything.

  14. Poor Lil, but poor Vince. It will break his heart. If she was my mother, what would I tell her to do? If Vince were to leave his wife and family and she would die tomorrow, next week, next month...

  15. So sad. Why doesn't she think Vince would want to be with her?

  16. I really, really want to bake Lil a cupcake.

    And then eat one myself to console myself for this sad story.

    Beautiful indigo photograph.

    Beautiful writing.

    Do you need a cupcake, too!

    Thank you for linking Mumsy.

    I always love visiting you.


  17. Mumsy - You are quite a writer ! I always wished I could tell a story like you did. I plans to return for more.....


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